Israel Arrests Palestinian Blogger Critical of Palestinian Authority for Alleged Hamas Terror Activities

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A Palestinian blogger acknowledged for her sturdy complaint of the Palestinian Authority turned into arrested by way of Israeli squaddies inside the West Bank on Tuesday, for alleged “involvement in Hamas terror sports.”

Lama Khater, a 32-yr-old mother of five from Hebron, frequently praises Hamas for its resistance to Israel.

Her Twitter account has nearly ninety,000 fans and her last tweet, on July 22, slammed Israel for its managing of the Temple Mount complicated (recognized to Muslims as the Noble Sanctuary).

Other recent social media posts have seen her criticize the PA’s safety forces and declare that they had suppressed the latest border demonstrations in Gaza.

She has also praised Palestinian shahids (martyrs) and recommended the battle towards Israel and the demonstrations along the Gaza border. Khater is married to Hazem al-Fakhouri, a former prisoner who was previously arrested by means of Palestinian safety forces – allegedly with the purpose of pressuring Khater to stop criticizing the PA.

Lama Khater announcing goodbye to her younger son before being taken away with the aid of Israeli infantrymen in Hebron, July 24, 2018.
Lama Khater pronouncing good-bye to her young son earlier than being taken away by using Israeli infantrymen in Hebron, July 24, 2018.
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News of Khater’s arrest unfolds quickly on social media, specifically in view that there were snapshots of her hugging her young son earlier than being arrested.

There had been calls on Palestinian and Arab media, and on social media, for her immediate release. Websites affiliated with Hamas accused the PA and its safety apparatus of encouraging her arrest because of her ongoing complaint.

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