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Unplugging From Social Media While Traveling Is One of the Best Decisions I’ve Ever Made

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I’ve continually wanted to fly a sky lantern. When I traveled to Bangladesh last 12 months, I told my cousins that the first issue I’d do after I was given there has been flying a sky lantern from the terrace of our building — and that’s exactly what I did. We whipped out our telephones and cameras the moment the lantern become lit, unwilling to miss even a 2d of this perfect Instagram opportunity.

But once I scrolled via my telephone, I came up empty, and I’m quite embarrassed to confess I become quite upset approximately it. Why didn’t my cousin get an awesome picture of me holding the lantern? Where changed into their eye for angles? Ridiculous and superficial, I understand. But as someone who fills her IG with bookstagrams, it’s almost ingrained in me to prioritize angles for foremost lighting — and it wasn’t until that overly emotional moment that I found out it becomes k to now not get the revel in on camera.

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What mattered became I witnessed that enjoy, cheering because the lantern was given swept up by using the wind and flew higher and better until it became a blip inside the night sky, with none mind of likes and stocks.

The common phrase — “images or it didn’t happen” — is what propels lots of us into documenting all moments of our lives for social media. That, in flip, ends in a competition of sorts amongst pals, own family, and pals.

Who can craft the most resentful life for themselves?
So when I climbed the excavated mounds of Mahasthangarh, one of the highest geographic regions in Bangladesh and one of the earliest archaeological websites inside u . S ., I avoided the selfies I was nearly dragged into. I selected rather study the history behind the museum’s artifacts, appreciate the rolling hills and meticulously saved gardens, and try and system the overpowering truth that I stood at the remains of a temple dating lower back to three hundred BCE.

Before I rode on a motorized rickshaw through the rural components of u . S. A ., I purposely left all my electronics at domestic, selecting to appearance up, for once, on the flower fields and implementing trees littering our route.

I traveled to Rome one fall, and while my telephone died one night time, it changed into a blessing in hiding. I’d been given a reprieve from the pressure to log my whereabouts, put up all of the amusing matters I did, or scroll via different humans feeds to peer all of the laugh things they did. Instead, I strolled along the cobbled streets and winding alleyways of Trastevere, in the end, capable of enjoying the nightlife.

This 26-12 months-old Traveler Put Herself $10,000 in Debt for the Perfect Instagram
“I turned into residing a lie and debt was looming over my head.”
I changed into greater aware of the contagious laughter reverberating from the cafés and pubs, of the happy applause for diverse street performers than I was of my lifeless cellphone.
I didn’t have an Instagram or Snapchat account after I turned into traveling in Europe some years in the past. I turned into surrounded by using people who recorded tales as quickly as they arrived at a new area — earlier than they might even absolutely process where they have been — and it becomes a bit jarring for me to witness from the outside. Sure, I was taking photographs proper along them on my camera, but now not with the same urgency. I wasn’t relying on social media to validate my experience. I wasn’t concerned about impressing my followers.

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Don’t get me incorrect, I like social media properly enough, and I apprehend the attraction of the use of it as a travel diary — I did it too. But I’ve come to remember the fact that, for me, traveling is more a laugh while not having to worry approximately upping my selfie recreation. I’m k with cataloging a picturesque sundown in my mental Rolodex earlier than I turn on my camera. I’m now extra focused on bonding with those around me and engaging with my surroundings. I needed to prevent seeking to garner viewership and likes on virtual structures.

Social media we could us hold connections and lift focus approximately problems, but it diluted the revel in of journey for me. It got inside the way of exploring new parts of us of a and the world.
I was left unfulfilled. While I refreshed my feed so I ought to give my fans essential FOMO, I unknowingly ignored out on what became in the front of me. It’s easy to wander away within the throes of the digital age, mainly while we’re an increasing number of reliant on generation. It’s hard to allow it to move with out feeling a phantom telephone in your hand.

But it’s really worth it. Pics or no pictures, it absolutely passed off. And it’s k if I’m the best person who noticed it.

Originally posted 2018-08-06 18:29:47.

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