Best Android Widgets

The domain of Linux has prolonged to the cell platform, with the release of Android smartphones. It is the pleasant cell OS to hit the marketplace nowadays. The first-class component approximately Android telephones are the large type of software packages that you can run on them. As of now, you could pick from more than a hundred,000 programs, that have been made to be had within the Android market. This consists of various productivity and leisure packages, widgets, and games.

Best Widgets on Android

The electricity of a cell OS platform is examined through the sort of programs that can be run on it. Not best are Android-based phones smoother in operation, in comparison to most other mobile working structures, they provide higher multitasking capability. Recognizing the needs of the current user, a number Android applications had been advanced. There are games, productiveness applications, and there are widgets, which make your existence less difficult.

If you are an everyday Twitter person, what you want is the Twidroyd widget. It lets you post your tweets on the go and keep track of the Twitterati, whom you comply with.

Android Agenda
If you want a widget that can preserve music and remind you, of your upcoming conferences and offer a reference calendar too, what you want is the Android Agenda widget.

One of the matters that you want to reflect consideration on, while the use of your cell phone is the battery existence. The BatteryLife widget maintains track of the quantity of fee that remains on your cell phone battery. It may be very accessible.

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Data Counter
With 3G and 4G Internet connections available on Android smartphones, what one needs is a widget which could maintain tune of the amount of information, that is downloaded or uploaded by the smartphone. That is exactly what ‘Data Counter’ can do for you. You can maintain track of your internet usage, the use of this utility.

Pure Grid Calendar
If you are in need of a calendar reference, what you need is the Pure Grid calendar widget. Keep track of days, the usage of this calendar utility.

Snowstorm Weather
In winter, it facilitates if you could have the cutting-edge blizzard forecasts in your area. You will have them added at once on your Android phone, the usage of the Snowstorm Weather Widget.

HTC Weather and Clock
If you need to know the climate updates, the exceptional one to choose is the HTC climate and clock widget.

Stock Android
Are you making an investment in the inventory market? Then you may need the inventory Android widget, that can offer you with the ultra-modern facts regarding inventory market tendencies.

Post-It Desk Widget
Do you hold forgetting stuff all the time, like me? Then the Post-It Desk widget is only for you. In the form of a stick word photograph, it stays on the display screen, with a listing of duties that you could upload, on an each day foundation. Install this one and forget approximately forgetting stuff.


Top Five Features of Android v4.4 KitKat

Talks about Android’s dominance in the mobile arena, as clichéd as they may sound, are in all likelihood some of the most set up statistics of the modern tech technology. The platform’s surge in popularity is in particular attributed to its enormously customizable design and the reality that it’s miles open sourced. Frequent updates bring in loads of recent features and performance upgrades to supported devices. The drawback to the numerous updates that are rolled out with the aid of Google is the extreme fragmentation that the platform is plagued via, as most new features require the most up to date hardware to aid them.

With its today’s model of Android v4.Four, the Mountain View-primarily based massive intends to repair this problem for precise. KitKat is probably the sweetest update to ever have hit the OS and brings in a variety of performance improvements and some real satisfactory capabilities to the desk. What makes this version so special is the truth that it does now not require excessive-stop hardware and works real clean even on the low-stop telephones with as little as 512 MB of RAM. Whether older devices get the official guide though, is any other count number altogether. Here’s a have a look at a number of the maximum notable functions of Android’s ultra-modern iteration.

Google is smarter Now
Google Now has developed into being lots extra than simply every other Siri-ous contender in the non-public assistant area, and it is a lot greater than just a bag of hints. Google Now can easily be accessed by way of swiping to the proper from the home display screen, or you can, in reality, say ‘Ok Google’, and it’s rise from its shut eye and watches for your next command (this handiest works from the home display). It supports 50 additional commands, which encompass launching apps and looking up the Internet for more applicable answers for your queries. It nevertheless might not do the dishes for you, however, can as a minimum do a first rate barrel roll.

maxresdefault.jpg (1280×720)

Getting your priorities right
The trendy KitKat replace focuses on getting the very basics proper, and Contacts is one such detail it gets to bang on the right track. Contacts are actually displayed in step with how frequently you interact with human beings. You also can directly search for touch data of eating places and organizations proper from the hunt bar at the top.

All-in-one Messaging answer
Hangouts now’s your default messaging app. It consolidates all your conversations together with your contacts in a single place (despite the fact that text and instantaneous chat messages are arranged in special tabs). This looks as if an instead unpolished product, however, is a step inside the proper course. This alternative is available on all devices with the state-of-the-art Hangouts replace. You can, of the route, trade the default messaging app to some other app of your preference.

Caller ID too was given smarter
Another neat function of KitKat is the smarter caller ID function. If you get hold of a phone name from an unknown number, the app seems up Google for info on the wide variety, and presentations relevant information. If the phone name is a local enterprise, it also shows a relevant photo that can be related to it.

More screen real property
The implementation of the on-display screen navigation buttons appeared to have defeated their cause―that of presenting more room for records at the show―because the keys could stay on all of the time, taking on quite a bit of area at the lowest of the screen and the status bar at the pinnacle. The navigation keys and the reputation bar on the today’s model of KitKat get hidden whilst you are watching a film, reading an e-book or playing a game, making the maximum of the space to be had on the screen.


Essential Android Tips

Only approximately 5 years seeing that Google released Android, it has captured almost seventy-five% of the phone marketplace percentage. It is a sturdy and person-friendly OS. An Android tool is lots greater than what meets the attention. You want to scratch the surface, dig deep, and you could find out a number of small ideas that will help you with your tool. Right from shortcuts to performance-orientated tips, there is much in Android that you can do to present your Android experience that little extra push. Your Android tool can quite lots do something! Puzzle indicates a few suggestions and tricks for Android gadgets, using which, you may keep time and sources, make use of your garage alternatives higher, and of direction, preserve your tool software program healthy and running for an extended time frame.

As is with any working gadget running on a desktop or mobile smartphone, Android’s performance to turns into a touch gradual after using it for some time. Android jogging at its top will come up with an amazing experience. If you have got observed your Android device slowing down currently, it is time to mop up your act and optimize the tool to get Android’s right capability.

◈ Chuck Out Unwanted Apps – If there may be an app you haven’t used for some time, you honestly do not need it. Every app you put in takes up a few space, and maximum apps run in the heritage all the time. This impacts the general performance of the system.

◈ Update Your Apps – If a replacement has been made available for a hooked up app, move for it. I have frequently stumble upon people who skirt away from app updates just because updates are being made available so frequently that they don’t see the point in it. The reality is, if your Android tool isn’t functioning to its potential, it is able to be due to a mix-app! Developers almost without delay are aware of such bugs and correct them inside the next update.

◈ Don’t Sink with the Sync – Sync is a wonderful feature which Android uses to sync your data with Google servers, to preserve your locations and different such records up to date. But the Sync feature refreshes after a fixed term (settings can be customized), say 15 minutes, resultantly affecting the overall performance of your device. Keeping sync off releases a whole lot of memory, consequently enhancing typical performance. Decide a day for each week when you want to replace your records to Google servers, and activate sync most effective then.

◈ Taming the Animation – Animation is essentially the little visible hints your screen does whilst you lock or unlock the display, or switch between home windows, and so forth. If you’re a heavy person, the subsequent will do your device’s overall performance the world of truth. Under Settings ➜ Developer Options, search for Windows Animation Scale, and tap on Animation off; then look for Transition Animation Scale, and again faucet on Animation off.

◈ Widget Witch – So they make for exquisite shortcuts! But have you given lengthy-term outcomes a notion? Widgets are CONTINUOUSLY jogging heritage procedures. They maintain replacing and updating records each short while. Even if they may be not updating something, they stay in the undertaking supervisor as strolling strategies. App shortcuts on the home screen are better alternatives. They are activated only whilst you faucet on them. Widgets, however, maintain going for walks inside the historical past even while you are not the use of them – sure shot memory guzzlers.

Grab a task supervisor or venture killer from the play store. If you aren’t the ‘geek’ kids, who cannot/doesn’t want to go looking and regulate settings inside the tool, an assignment manager can be used to kick ’em out all at once.


Samsung Gear Live Vs. LG G Watch: Android Wear Face-Off

Google has now stepped into the sector of smartwatches. The big G isn’t making those smartwatches but has floated an OS to electricity the subsequent technology of smartwatches. Samsung and LG have already launched their smartwatches based on the Android Wear OS.

Both those smartwatches do no longer appearance lots different within the real international, but you already know, Samsung and LG merchandise can’t be the equal. If you’re interested in buying both this type of, then you definitely need to virtually study this Buzzle article approximately Samsung Gear Live vs. LG G Watch.

In case you are not acquainted, Gear is the name of the series for Samsung’s smartwatches. Gear Live is the fourth member of the Gear collection, and it raises the benchmark of great and ergonomics set by using the Samsung Gear 2.
LG G Watch is LG’s first try at creating a smartwatch, so we aren’t anticipating it to ace the Gear Live, however, we are not watching for a negative overall performance either.

Note: You can take a look at if your phone/tablet is well suited with Android Wear by way of traveling g.Co/WearCheck for your Android browser.

lg-g-watch-hands-on-deutsch-5.jpg (1600×901)

The Samsung Gear Live graces a 1.Sixty three-inch Super AMOLED displays have a resolution of 320×320 pixels. The pixel density turns out to be 280 ppm approximately and given space from which you will be seeing this show, it will appear very sharp. The LG G Watch packs a slightly larger, however now not higher, 1.Sixty five-inch IPS LCD. The pip count number is 240. It won’t be as sharp as the Gear Live’s show, however, it may not pixelate either. AMOLED displays produce saturated color, and in my opinion, I don’t like them, but what’s up, are we going to look at a movie on this tiny display? The G Watch with its IPS LCD will produce herbal-looking colorations, but it is a count of private flavor. What do you need? Vibrant colorations or herbal colorations?

Samsung Gear Live is ready with a 300 mAh battery, whilst the LG G Watch gets its strength from a four hundred mAh battery. Gear Live has extra pixels to feed, however, the presence of an AMOLED display makes up for this by way of turning off the pixels for displaying a black color. The stock watch face on the Android Wear is black, so theoretically, Gear Live could beat LG G Watch in phrases of idle time if it also had that equal 400 mAh battery. The outcomes of testing carried out by using folks at Ars Technica imply that the G Watch has better battery backup. The effects are based totally on real-life usage and conclude that both those watches can effortlessly final for an afternoon on an unmarried recharge.

Ease of Use
The Gear Live has a curved lower back and the LG G Watch has a flat returned. So, except you’ve got plenty of fats around your wrist, you may experience that the Gear Live is lots more at ease for extended use than the G Watch.

Sunlight Legibility
Neither of these watches has a daylight-friendly show. You’ll crank the brightness as much as the most level if you want to parent any textual content at the display. Surprisingly, these watches additionally haven’t any vehicle-brightness mode. So, you will go to settings for changing the brightness level whenever you’re going out, or chance draining the battery quickly.

Weight and Dimensions
Samsung Gear Live and LG G Watch tip the weighing scale at 59g and 63g, respectively. They also are not first rate-slim like the state-of-the-art flagship smartphones. Samsung Gear Live is slimmer than the LG G Watch via 1.05 mm, and possess 8.9 mm of thickness.

Android Tablets Vs. IPad

No, no. I don’t have any qualms in mentioning that iPad is the fine tablet PC within the international. I additionally maintain on to the truth that there isn’t always a brand bigger than Apple in terms of next-technology technology. However, have you ever noticed how quickly and correctly are a slew of gadgets that belong to the Google Android extended family, bucking as much as probably beat this Apple treatise? Yes! In a try to take at the tablet market, some of the Android drugs PCs are paving their way to conquer the Apple iPad. Nevertheless, in case you’ve stocked up to your pockets, have settled on a first rate price range, but are still tongue-tied over which one to move for in the fight of the Google Android pill vs Apple iPad, the following phrases try and ease your quandary. Here’s a comprehensive overview if you want to settle on which will be the great touch-display screen mini-laptop for you.

Android Tablet vs iPad: Comparison

You recognize, one of the first actual factors that I can think of inside the lots-heated comparison among the Android Marketplace and App Store, you may cross for Google Android handiest and simplest if you have an inexplicable animosity toward Apple. Otherwise, I do not find a single purpose on this earth that you consider switching over to Android. I simply to say, Android pills such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab, Motorola Xoom, and Dell Streak looks promising sufficient, however, are not as efficient as iPad. There are a whole lot of points you could like to keep in mind and a plethora of motives to get an iPad and no longer an Android tablet, before squandering cash. Here they’re!

Who could try to query the multi-contact functionality that the iPad presents? Certainly, a pill PC isn’t a pill PC if it would not have a satisfactory contact-screen. The Samsung Galaxy Tab and Motorola Xoom have incredible touch-screen capability, but they stand no risk to the top-notch first-rate that the iPad boasts upon. What’s greater, the wonderful 9.7-inch display flawlessly suffices all of the necessities of a pill. However, there are many Android capsules that don’t provide a wide display, as a result, making it impossible for a person to navigate. Except for Motorola Xoom and Samsung Galaxy Tab, no different Android pill is worthy sufficient of competing with the iPad in phrases of the display.

maxresdefault.jpg (1920×1080)

Operating System
You recognize, for once, you may get your heart melted for Dell Streak. However, its Android 1.6 OS disappoints large time. Simply positioned, when Android 2.2 OS is already within the market, who would squander money over a previous model of OS? Android 2.2 OS is an extremely good competitor to Apple iPad’s iOS4, and any tablet that does not provide Android 2.2 OS isn’t proper at all.

Market Hold
So, you have hots for Android. But how many others have the same? The whole idea in the back of including this point inside the evaluation is that, in modern day market, while one talks pill PCs, the Apple iPad is the very first pill that strikes your mind. Google Android doesn’t have similar preserve on the market. Remember the brouhaha created by means of Apple prior to the launch of the iPad? This made the Apple pull all of the greater famous. Android drugs are famous too, however no longer much in contrast to the iPad. Samsung Galaxy Tab does have a solid keep available on the market though. But then, it’s far but to make an area of its personality in the market.

Tips to Solve Common Problems in Android Phones

Ever because of its inception in 2007, Android has slowly but step by step made a march toward the top. Today, more than 1/2 a decade later, it appears to have completely obliterated the competition, and taken over the title of the final cellular OS. While it would arguably be the exceptional cellular working machine out there, it does include its percentage of troubles. Although these problems might not be big sufficient to dissuade users from opting for an Android cell phone, they can be pretty an ache for them. Keeping up with the needs of this large fan-following can be pretty a frightening mission, but having one of these massive consumer bases isn’t without its upside―fast fixes to most bugs and OS problems. These problems are probably trivial, however, can be a primary inconvenience for customers. Here’s a look at some of the most commonplace issues that Android customers (Android 2.3, and above) face, and quick fixes for them.

My phone battery drains out too speedy.
Switch at the information connection/Wi-Fi handiest when required.
Switch off the GPS receiver on your phone.
Do now not use live wallpaper as your smartphone’s heritage.
Keep the brightness setting as little as possible, without hampering the legibility of the display screen.
Do no longer deploy live widgets for your phone.
Avoid the usage of packages which run inside the heritage.

My cell phone would not come across the reminiscence card.
Restarting the phone may solve the issue.
If that does not help, join the card to the PC, and take a backup of all of the information.
Format the card, and insert it back into the phone.

My telephone has frozen.

Best_cheap_Android_phones.jpg (1600×900)
Restarting your phone have to resolve the trouble.
Alternately, you may install Fast Reboot, which simulates a restart and shuts down all applications on the smartphone. You can download the app here.

My smartphone continuously runs out of reminiscence.
Set your reminiscence card to be the default deploy area of the cellphone.
Menu > Settings > Storage > Preferred set up location > SD card.
Menu > Settings > Storage > Default Write Disk > SD card
Close all programs strolling within the historical past by using long urgent the Menu button, and remaining all the programs strolling.
Alternately, you may additionally deploy AppMgrIII (App 2 SD) to assist manipulate your apps higher. You can download the app right here.

Fonts seem too small on my smartphone.
Increase the device font size by following this route.
Menu > Settings > Display > Font length > Large

My telephone would not apprehend my face (*Face Unlock).
Hold the phone at eye degree.
Move to a properly-lit region, and try again.
Try and feature the identical facial expressions as you probably did when you installed the Face Unlock feature.
Save your image in extraordinary mild situations, and facial expressions; you may set this up by way of following this path.
Menu > Settings > Security > Improve face matching
* Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, and above

My phone’s clock constantly indicates the wrong time.
Manually set the clock’s time through following this course.
Menu > Settings > Date & Time > Set time
Disable automatic date & time
Menu > Settings > Date & time > Automatic date & time > Off
Menu > Settings > Date & Time > Automatic time quarter (uncheck)


Android TV: Top Features of Google’s New Entertainment Box

droid TV became introduced at the Google I/O 2014 Keynote. After the big failure of Google TV, which become launched returned in 2010, Android TV is Google’s renewed shot on the concept of a smart TV. However, this time round, Google is not emphasizing about its computing prowess. They have realized their mistake of placing an excessive amount of cellphone functions into Google TV, and as a result, Android TV has a simple interface.

In the beyond, many manufacturers have attempted to redesign the obvious antique dumb TV, which they should not have, and failed horribly. Their interfaces had been not best lackluster, however, have been added not very person-friendly.

What is Android TV?
Unlike Google TV and Chromecast, which can be hardware products from Google Inc, Android TV is a software program platform based on Android L OS. Google’s Dave Burke explicitly cited that Android TV isn’t a brand new platform. It is based on Android SDK for all form factors, which means that developers might not start from scratch at the same time as designing apps for Android TV. They simply ought to optimize their modern-day tablet/telephone apps to make the most the total potential of Android TV.

Android TV Launcher
The GUI of the Android TV could be very Android-ish. It is clean, practical, and speedy. When you turn your Android TV, you may be greeted with a Windows eight-like start display screen. It glaringly does not have metro UI or anything comparable, but you get the point. The launcher will display your apps just beneath the pointers of apps, games, and content material. The recommendations in the meanwhile, are based on what and the way you use apps on your Android TV.

android_tv_introduction_tvframe.jpg (2320×1280)

You can navigate via the Android TV interface the usage of a D-pad, a far off, your Android telephone, or an Android Wear watch. The person can look for content material on Android TV using voice search too. The seek results are presented within the shape of Cards, similar to what we see in Google Now.

Features of Android TV
▪ Seamless Video Support: You can watch movies, films, and your favorite TV suggests from Play Store, YouTube, Netflix, and plenty of different offerings, immediately in your TV.

▪ Android Apps: At the moment, Android TV helps some apps like Netflix, iHeartRadio, Plex, Hangouts, YouTube, Play Movies, and many others. Hundreds of apps are possible to be supported by the time it’s far released for the masses.

▪ Gaming: Android TV isn’t just a normal tv, it’s miles an entertainment middle. You may be able to enjoy your favored Android games to your TV the use of your telephone, or a tablet, as a controller. It also supports cut up display screen gaming―one individual will play the game on the TV and, the other on an Android pill/telephone. Google Play Games is also available to make playing online multiplayer video games viable, and earn achievements.

▪ Supports Video Resume Functionality: Support for video resume is one of the enormously coveted capabilities of any video watching provider. And bet what? It is supported by Android TV. You can resume the movie that you have been watching for your smartphone/pill when you turn in your TV, and vice-versa.

▪ Supports Google Cast: It can also act like Chromecast, therefore enabling you to cast the contents of any Google Cast supported app for your TV.

Best Android eBook ReaderBest Android eBook Reader

Android smartphones and capsules have surely taken the cell computing global by using typhoon within the final years, and considered one of the largest motives for this is the large wide variety of net primarily based packages and brilliant games which are to be had for the platform. The recognition of the platform has led to a greater variety of developers growing apps and video games for it, and this has in flip superior the popularity in addition, so that is a countless cycle that is now well and virtually in an area. Though the Android Market nonetheless trails the Apple App Store in phrases of the sheer wide variety of apps, it’s also true that the high-quality apps are actually to be had on both structures for the advantage of users.
It becomes inevitable that this surge in the recognition of Android would coincide with that of eBooks in the trendy world. An eBook is a digital version of a book that may be examined on a cell phone, a PC, a pill or a standalone eBook reader, and such publications are significantly threatening the realm of the publishing industry on an entire. The convenience of sporting around numerous thousand eBooks on one digital tool and getting access to them everywhere is something this is loved by using many readers from everywhere in the international, and there are several other functions that have additionally made eBooks extensively famous. The Amazon Kindle became the tool that sparked the eBook revolution into the area and it changed into simplest a depend on time before such services and eBooks became to be had on the Android platform.
Top Android eBook Readers 2011
Developers for Android quickly started out creating applications that permit one to get admission to massive databases of eBooks, buy them and study them over the Android platform. Amazon itself released a Kindle app for Android and this quickly caused many other comparable apps invading the Android Market as properly. You may also already be aware that Amazon’s Kindle is the pleasant reader for Android, but right here are a few different worthwhile alternatives as nicely.

Best-eBook-Reader.jpg (1170×877)
Sr. No. EBook Reader Application Description1 Amazon Kindle The Amazon book shop is one of the biggest and most widespread that you’ll find, and this app for Android offers you the ability to shop for various eBooks after which get right of entry to them from multiple systems. The app is available totally free within the Market and it is very easy to put in and advantage membership too. The syncing between this app and different Kindle app systems is virtually awesome, and you may start studying your eBook from anyplace you left off, irrespective of in which you are.2 Barnes & Noble Nook The Nook, released by way of Barnes & Noble is the only standalone reader that has given the Kindle a run for its cash, and the B&N bookshop is not any slouch both. This app is to be had totally free as well, and it also allows you to experience lending features from public libraries that offer eBooks in the well-known ePub formats, something which the Kindle does now not assist. However, many humans declare that this app nevertheless needs a whole lot of paintings for the Android platform earlier than it is able to project the Kindle and the Aldiko app.3 Aldiko eReader This app is famous as it comes pre-mounted on many Android-based smartphones, specifically ones manufactured via Samsung. The functions available on this app are quite remarkable, but you may simplest access eBooks which have exceeded the 50 12 months copyright timeline. The restrained choice of eBooks is something that majorly works in Aldiko’s downside. The app is available without spending a dime, but a premium model worth $2.Ninety-nine is likewise available.Four Laputa eReader There are a number of third celebration eBook databases that Laputa has to get admission to

Best Android Tablet Games

Tablets have taken the patron electronics International through a hurricane, and this achievement can be solely attributed to the Apple iPad. Tablet PCs were round because of the 1990s, however, their popularity or software become in no way expected to upward push to such unworldly ranges. The iPad came alongside and changed the complete face of the industry even though, and we have reached a factor where enterprise specialists are speculating that drugs are sincerely going to kill the computer market within the coming years.

Android, the cell running gadget bought and advanced via Google, has made a habit of emulating whatever Apple does with the iOS although, and it become inevitable that Android might stumble into the pill marketplace ultimately. There are round 50 exceptional Android primarily based tablets that are promoting within the market today, and their plan of struggling with Apple’s eliteness with their high numbers is slowly operating. People who’re disappointed with Apple, for something reasons, are turning to Android and are slowly finding that the Android revel in is on par, and higher in some instances, than the iOS experience.

The first few Android pills that had been launched (like the Samsung Galaxy Tab) truly used the equal version of Android that changed into used in contemporary smartphones. As an end result of this, a few apps and video games suffered at the tablet seeing that they were designed with smaller monitors and decrease resolutions in thoughts. Android quickly constant this trouble too, and released Android three.0 (Honeycomb) that turned into optimized for the great Android tablets and the display screen space they required. Pretty soon, some pill pleasant apps and games started being launched inside the Android Market that was centered completely at pills strolling Android 3.Zero.

Top Android Games

Nexus-7-Gaming.jpg (1920×1080)

There are greater than 250,000 apps and video games to be had inside the Android Market now, however not all of them work flawlessly on an Android tablet. If you’re an avid gamer and want to apply the hardware of your Android tablet for an exciting gaming revel in, here are some pinnacle Android pill video games that you could deploy.

Angry Birds
Angry Birds and mobile gaming go hand in hand now, and this is a game that has become synonymous with phone and pill gaming. Though there had been no tweaks in the sport’s engine to paintings optimally on tablets, it does work flawlessly on an Android tablet and it desires to be referred to in any listing. Moreover, the sport is available totally free over Android, and its reputation can be ascertained from the truth that there are more than 200 million Angry Birds downloads across all systems.

Backbreaker THD
American football enthusiasts can now play this awesome recreation on their Android tablet and revel in some bone crunching soccer movement. The simulation technology is stunning, the animation is great and the HD visuals are an absolute deal with. This sport has been developed by way of NaturalMotion, and it represents the top of gaming on an Android pill. It will value an honest fee even though ($four.Ninety nine) however this is absolutely well worth the revel in.

Dungeon Defenders: First Wave
This is a tower defense game that has been advanced with the aid of Trendy Development and is presently available for cell games best. The complete version for consoles could be out in June 2011, and it’s far being eagerly awaited. The Android version is optimized for capsules, and the images which are powered by Unreal Engine 3 make it a lovely visible experience. The gameplay is straightforward and permits the gamer to take manage of wizards as a way to fight a big group of monsters and creatures.

Hero of Sparta THD
If you’re a fan of the famous God of War collection at the PlayStation, then you may love Hero of Sparta to your Android tablet. This is a shameless rip-off of GoW, but it’s miles genuinely an extraordinary recreation to play. The recreation has been evolved and posted with the aid of Gameloft and it was first launched in December 2008 for more than one structures. The modern model this is to be had in the Android Market is optimized for pills, and it is also to be had in full-HD exceptional.

Nokia Normandy Rumors – Nokia Flirts with Android

Not lengthy ago, Nokia changed into a call synonymous with mobile telephones. The Finns dominated the cellular area, and any other manufacturer who dared to venture into their realm became beaten and for all time lost to oblivion. Things have been coming alongside definitely properly for the enterprise―a bit too properly for his or her very own suitable. Symbian turned into the cell OS of choice and regarded to be absolutely out of this global. Meanwhile, in another part of the world, a simple alien OS, aptly named Android, turned into starting to take form. Nokia banished the rising OS from its presence with utter disdain. Android determined comfort in the enterprise of HTC, Sony, Samsung, and LG. Seven years on, a lot of these agencies have ridden on the Android wave and are combating for Pinnacle honors, with Samsung sitting pretty at the top of the mobile smartphone pyramid. Nokia selected to jump out of the window and is now a frail image of its former wonderful self. How the strong have fallen!

Nokia has continually been acknowledged for the outstanding build high-quality of their telephones. The 3310, for instance, is what legends are manufactured from. Just earlier than its acquisition with the aid of Microsoft, the company confirmed sparks of brilliance with the thoughts-blowing cameras on board its fleet of Lumia telephones jogging on Windows Phone. These handsets captured the flamboyant of many, but lamentably, in no way virtually took off. Just when all of it appeared to be over for the Finns, there are talks about a Nokia tool with Android blood jogging through its veins. Could the organization clearly have defied the odds, and finally spoke back the prayers of hundreds of thousands of its enthusiasts? What then, approximately its pledged allegiance to Microsoft? Here’s all of the information, rumors, and leaks of a purported phone, codenamed Nokia Normandy (Nokia X), that has were given the hopes of scores of people using on it.

Rumored Features and Specifications of Nokia Normandy

windows-phone-bbm.jpg (1200×931)

A cell phone for the hundreds
Popular tipster @evleaks is at it again, and we simply are not complaining. His current leaks display a Nokia branded smartphone which supposedly runs on Android v4.4.1 KitKat. The cellphone inside the leaked picture should without problems skip for some other cellphone from the Lumia series, and actually, appears to have the same DNA as the Lumia 520. It’s purported specs examine – 1.2 GHz twin-middle processor, 512 MB RAM, 4 GB internal storage + microSD card slot (as much as sixty-four GB), 5 MP digital camera, a four-inch display screen (800 x 480 pixels), 1,500 mAh battery, and a dual-SIM slot. While the specs of the Nokia X may appear like a far cry from those on most excessive-quit Android telephones, it actually provides the mid-variety telephones from the alternative galaxy an excellent run for his or her cash with its extremely good build great. The Lumia 520 has already proved its mettle and is, by using far, the highest promoting Windows cellphone, however, Android is a different ball sport altogether.

Android peeping out of a Window
Another leaked photo by way of @evleaks shows the cellphone’s notably customized UI. Windows Phone’s affect may be seen all round, with Live Tiles looking as stunning as ever. In truth, if it weren’t for the Blackberry app seen in the screenshot (Blackberry presently does not assist Windows Phone), we might have effortlessly fallacious this for some other Windows Phone domestic display. As mentioned earlier, the smartphone would probably run on Android v4.4.1 as found out through a leaked AnTuTu benchmark screenshot. This makes sense as KitKat is touted to run easily even on 512 MB of RAM. If you are not a fan of the Window Phone UI, you may need to shrink back right now, although, you constantly have the choice to install a 3rd-birthday celebration launcher.