Monday, September 21, 2020

When wondering how to flush THC out of your system as fast as possible, first you have to know for which kind of drug test you’re doing this for. If you weren’t even aware that there are different kinds of drug tests and just assumed it was always a urine analysis, then you should really start doing some more in depth research. Generally though, a urine test or a hair test would be the most common options for a workplace examination. Blood tests might also be used but those are generally reserved for the detection of recent drug use as opposed to long term. At the end of the day it all depends on your company and the type of work you’re in so definitely make an effort to figure out which test you’ll have to face. Here’s two different potential options.
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How To Flush THC Out Of Your System For A Blood Test

    Sadly, there’s no foolproof way to go about this, but when taking a blood test you may be pleased to learn that the length of abstinence required for you to pass the test is way, way shorter than it is for a urine test. It only takes about a week of no smoking, even for very frequent smokers to pass a blood test. There’s no special products to help you with this but a good diet and exercise routine throughout this period can definitely shave a few extra days off. The best advice you can hope to get is to have a very healthy and balanced diet so that all your bodily functions are working at optimal performance. Combine this with vigorous exercise throughout the week, but make sure not to exercise at all for a day or two before the actual test. Exercising right before the test could really be shooting yourself in the foot.

For Urine?

    It takes a whole lot longer for a chronic stoner to pass a urine test. Up to 80 days even. If you smoke many times per day, you almost certainly need to stop reading and hoping to flush THC out of your system, and instead start reading up on synthetic urines and start planning your course of action. If you only smoke once or twice every weekend with your buds, then you can easily pass the test with natural detoxification methods. Try a healthy diet as mentioned before, combined with exercise, and natural diuretics like cranberry juice or caffeine. Make sure to consumer more water than you pee out every day though because you need to be properly hydrated for this to work.

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