5 Essential Beauty Tips For Teenage Girls

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As great as it is for a teenager, there are certain drawbacks. You want to look good, but you don’t want your habits to create a nightmare for your future skin. With hormones all over the place, it’s the worst time for your skin, which means there are certain things teenage girls must do to ensure their skin is as straightforward as possible.

Beauty Tip

1. Wash, Cleanse

This is just an essential step, but it’s so important. Remember, your face makes all the contaminants and elements you face daily. So, you must wash your face well and use a good cleanser to remove your makeup each evening before you go to bed. As tempting as skipping this step and going straight to bed, you will regret it in years to come. So, carve out 15 minutes each evening to look after your skin.

2. Apply Sunscreen

Whether you live somewhere sunny or not, the UV rays affect your skin’s health. Once you wash and cleanse your face, you should apply sunscreen before stepping out the door. This should be in your skincare regimen 365 (366 in a leap year) days a year.

3. Embrace BB Cream

Forget foundation; embrace a BB cream. Let me tell you why. They are much lighter than foundation, so your skin can still breathe. It also provides you with makeup coverage that looks more natural. Even better news: many BB creams on the market come with SPF protection. If you choose a great BB cream, you can skip step 2 as you’ll have a 2-in-1 product.

4. Sleep

While adults should aim to get seven hours of sleep each night, that number is not the same for teenagers. Teenagers need at least nine hours of sleep every night, and most aren’t getting anywhere near that, which can hurt skin health and overall beauty. So, get a new night-time routine that will help you get the sleep you need. You won’t just see a difference in your beauty; you’ll also feel better and find yourself performing better in school.

5. Exfoliation & Moisturizing

It would help if you exfoliate around twice a week, though it may depend on your skin type. Just once a week may be sufficient if you have extremely dry or sensitive skin. Whereas, if you have oily or combination type skin, two to three times may be more appropriate. Exfoliation is essential, but moisturizing is even more critical. This is something you should be doing every evening before bed. You can find yourself a lightweight daytime moisturizer, too.

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