BODY POSITIVE Dublin fashion blogger Ashley Kehoe praised for ‘inspirational’ post after revealing she’s happier since gaining weight

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Ashley Kehoe, from Dublin, said she’s put again on the weight she misplaced two years in the past – but is feeling better than ever.

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Ashley, who’s now a size 8 to 10, said she misplaced weight because of stress
The 28-12 months-old took to social media to proportion her tale and inspire ladies to now not pressure approximately their length.

Ashley wrote on Instagram: “So right here’s a touch before and after with a twist.

“In my before photograph, I’m thinner than my after. More often than now not it’s the opposite way around.

“Firstly, I would like to strain that both body styles and sizes are nonetheless stunning as I experience those form of posts can regularly be misconstrued.

“Around two years ago I dropped all the way down to my lightest weight because of some of the different factors taking place in my lifestyles at that point.

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Ashley stated she didn’t like wearing bikinis in public
“Stress is one among them. Now I’ve put again on the weight that I misplaced and I’m a wholesome length 8-10 again.

“I think it’s important to know that it’s k to fluctuate and it’s more critical to no longer be so hard on yourself while you do. This is my goal for this submit.

“Being a young girl, immersed in the social media world I once in a while battle to deal with even a bit weight advantage as I’m certain to accomplish that many other girls.

“I have days once I look within the mirror and suppose ‘Oh my god I’ve really permitted myself move’.Image result for BODY POSITIVE Dublin fashion blogger Ashley Kehoe praised for ‘inspirational’ post after revealing she’s happier since gaining weight

“I’ll appearance back thru vintage pictures like this and mentally punish myself for no longer retaining the same tiny length even though I see that I do appearance more healthy now.

“Other days I suppose ‘Yes, female!! You have a stunning womanly parent… personal it!!’

“And I truly do. It’s a consistent conflict that I warfare with.

“The humorous element is after I changed into at my lightest, it wasn’t sufficient.

“I changed into nevertheless really self-conscious sporting a bikini in public and idea I may be smaller, thinner, leaner.

“Unfortunately, it emerges as nearly normal to compare yourself to unrealistic goals and I hate that I allow myself succumb to the strain.

“I assume that social media is basically focused on losing weight and of course there’s not anything incorrect with that. I’m just seeking to shed some mild on an exclusive attitude.

Image result for BODY POSITIVE Dublin fashion blogger Ashley Kehoe praised for ‘inspirational’ post after revealing she’s happier since gaining weight
“Lastly, this is in no manner a sob tale. I’m simply surely trying to highlight that it’s completely exceptional to put on weight and embrace the alternate in doing so.

“I’m trying to find a glad medium in between in order that in the long run, I’m taking care of my mind and body.

“Although, I am inclined to accept the more bit of jiggle I’ve received due to the fact I’m passionate about meals and I’m in a much higher vicinity right now.”

A variety of people commented under the publishing – which has been preferred over 8,000 instances – and said it changed into “refreshing”.

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