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When you are dealing with information shared by the target audience for your marketing efforts or obtained from the clients on your website, you may often face mistakes. Mistakes can be made intentionally or accidentally. Either way, you end up with incorrect information.

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If such information as phone number, postal address or email address is incorrect, you can end up spending unnecessary time and money trying to contact the client.

The wrong phone number can result in money spent on long-distance calls and time wasted trying to speak to the wrong person. An incorrect postal address may turn into a returned mail and fees associated with it. A bad email address worsens your email list hygiene thus having a bad influence on your sender’s reputation.

What Can You Do?

While it’s hard to ensure the information your audience shares is correct, it’s easy to check it. Email, mail, and phone validators can tell you whether the information you have received is valid.

Checking phone numbers and addresses takes less than a minute. It can save you time and money on dealing with the wrong information.

1. Address Validation

Address validation services can help validate addresses from the majority of countries. The problem with international addresses is common. Different address formats, a different number of digits in the zip code, different word order for apartments and houses, and much more leads to numerous mistakes. A validator considers all these parameters to help you clean up your mailing list.

2. Email Validation

High bounce rates and a botched sender’s reputation can ruin your marketing efforts. Validators can verify the email for you in real time. The majority of them can help you deal with bulk email lists to ensure their cleanliness.

In short, the email validation services take the hit for you, bringing you a squeaky-clean email list to work with.

Outdated emails, spelling errors, intentional mistakes all lead to bouncing. Validators can help you keep the sender’s reputation impeccable.

3. Phone Number Validation

The wrong phone number is one of the most unfortunate pieces of information you can deal with. You spend time and money trying to reach a non-existent party. Sometimes, when you are making international calls, the charges can be substantial.

Validators can help you avoid dealing with unwanted charges and save you time on making unnecessary calls. They check local and international numbers for validity in a very short period of time.

What To Look For in A Validator

There are many different validators available on the market today:

In order to find the right one for yourself, consider the following points.

1. Bulk Validation

Not all validators allow bulk validation. So if you have large email, phone or address lists, you may be stuck checking them one by one.

2. Diversity

Usually, validators specialize in an email, phone or address checking. Some of them do two out of three and others offer all three options. If you are handling a large marketing campaign, you most likely need the one with as many functions as possible.

3. Free Use

Some validators offer you a free trial. You can take advantage of this option to start checking your lists. Some companies, which don’t have large lists, may not need to purchase a paid version at all.

4. Easy Access

Validators should be easy to access and use. The best validators are available online so you can access them anytime and from anywhere.

Final Thoughts

Validators could become an integral part of your marketing campaign, saving you time and money. In many cases, you can take advantage of them for free.

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