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Information Technology vs Web Development

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In the past decade, the term IT has become an all-encompassing concept. People often make a mistake of deciding that an IT specialist knows everything there is to know about computing, web, applications, and much more. If there is a computer, an IT specialist can work with it. If the problem is related to the computer, an IT administrator can fix it.

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However, when it comes to web development, a web developer and an IT administrator are two completely different people. In order to understand the difference between the two with the goal of hiring the right specialists or asking them for help, we’ll compare these job descriptions.

What Is Information Technology (IT)?

When it comes to the web industry, IT is related to dealing with data through the organization’s computer network. Data manipulations include storage, transfer, reception, and more. You may be surprised that IT is actually what it stands for. The technology behind the information. Or to be clearer, the technology used to manipulate information within the organization or the company.

Now let’s discuss what the information stands for in the IT. Information is essentially any type of data used within the organization related to its work process or the clients. It can be a Word file with a list of useful phone numbers or it may be an application which brings the company the majority of its profits. Any computerized data which can be manipulated within the organization falls under the description of the information in IT.

What does an IT specialist do? He or she deals with information within the organization. The job description is much more complicated than that, but we’ll talk about that a little later.

Another part of Information Technology is the management of the computer network within a company. According to Bedrock IT company, an IT specialist deals with establishing a fault-free connection between network users while keeping the necessary software and hardware up to date.

What Is Web Development?

Now that you know what IT is, you’ll see that web development comes from a completely different realm. It has to do with the creating, developing, and maintaining websites. Don’t confuse web development with web design. In fact, web design is a small part of web development, which has to do with the appearance of a website.

Designers design. Developers code. As soon as the aesthetics are taken care of, web developers start doing their job. These professionals deal with everything from inserting text paragraphs and images to creating such complex interactive websites as Facebook or TripAdvisor.

Web developers take care of the technical part of making the website work flawlessly. They also conduct project analysis in order to provide smooth website development.

IT vs Web Development

Knowing the details of each niche, you can easily see that there isn’t much to compare. What do the professionals in each field do? IT specialists deal with information within a company while web developer plans, analyses, and develops websites.

While one person can master both professions, he or she is unlikely to become a true expert at both. That’s why thinking that a web developer can fix your computer or monitor is downright unreasonable. Meanwhile, asking an IT Administrator to check why your website is loading too slowly is useless.

In the 21st century, the number of computer- and web-related occupations is growing faster than mushrooms after the rain. It’s not always possible for people to tell the difference between them. What you have to remember is IT doesn’t mean “computer-related” and your life will become much easier.


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