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Voices 10 tech stories you may have missed

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Millions of small organizations are promoting online the return of the unfashionable era and eight different traits accountants and their clients want to recognize.

1. Amazon file cites over 1 million small-enterprise dealers on a platform. A current Small Business Impact Report from Amazon indicates that more than one million U.S.-primarily based small and midsized groups are selling on Amazon, generating more than 900,000 jobs worldwide. These organizations are in all 50 states and more than a hundred thirty nations, with more than 20,000 of them surpassing $1 million in income on Amazon in 2017. The file also says that half of Amazon’s gadgets are from SMBs. (Source: Forbes)Image result for Voices 10 tech stories you may have missed

Why that is crucial in your commercial enterprise and your clients: I’m on Team Amazon here when it comes to small-enterprise effect. Sure, many small online merchants conflict in opposition to the e-commerce giant. But many, many greater traders -– despite Amazon’s now and then draconian policy and necessities — have realized the more lucrative opportunities after they become Amazon merchants. If you’re selling online, being an Amazon service provider should be, at minimum, one of your channels.

2. Google’s secret to defending its employees from hacking is bodily keys. Google has introduced a sturdy answer for phishing cyberattacks towards its employees: The corporation says adopting bodily Security Keys has stopped the attacks. Security Keys are small USB stick devices made by organizations like YubiKey that feature just like-issue authentication (2FA) methods its personnel may also use. With 2FA enabled, hackers need more than just a username and password to enter. (Source: Popular Mechanics)

Why that is vital to your business and your clients: This object got a variety of media interest because… nicely, if it works for Google, then it has to be something profitable – and it is. Considering all of the ways your company’s and your clients’ statistics may be stolen and all the charges related to a facts breach, it may make sense to do what Google does: Spend a few bucks and equip your personnel with Security Keys.

3. A tech blogger says the “unfashionable” era still makes sense for a few I.T. initiatives. Tech Republic creator Mary Shacklett thinks that “retro” technology nevertheless has a place in the world. “Sometimes, retro solutions are the best manner to attack nagging I.T. problems. In those three situations, they might make you feel: 1) If the era solves maximum of your issues and might pay for itself. 2) When you define your preliminary commercial enterprise case for a brand spanking new generation, however, first look downstream for what might be needed. 3) When prison requirements for uninterrupted information custody require a more conventional, on-premise data garage answer in preference to the cloud.” (Source: Tech Republic)

Why that is essential to your enterprise and your clients: I agree! Sometimes, old school is better than new, and you can discover that using attempted and genuine generation has a higher return on investment. Just as it’s more recent doesn’t imply it’s better.

4. Windows 10: these two new builds deliver many trojan horse fixes. Microsoft has released Windows 10 Construct 17134.191 for Windows 10 Version 1803 or the April 2018 Update, and Build 16299.579 for Windows 10 customers on Version 1709 or the Fall Creators Update. For users strolling either of the two brand-new Windows 10, Microsoft has numerous trojan horse fixes to improve the O.S. for corporation environments. The replacement for 1803, called KB4340917, doesn’t introduce new functions but does restore many troubles that could be inflicting problems for directors managing cellular gadgets. (Source: ZDNet)

Why that is crucial to your commercial enterprise and your customers: Please, please … make sure your Windows running systems on every computer and server for your firm are updated. Millions of international bots are looking for older Windows operating structures with protection vulnerabilities. A nice way to hold your network as comfy as possible is by strolling the most recent variations of Windows software programs.

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Courtesy: Microsoft
5. Microsoft unveils a lighter $399 Surface Go pill to tackle iPads and Chromebooks. Microsoft recently unveiled its $399 Surface Go, a smaller tablet PC that competes with Apple’s iPad and Google’s Chromebooks. It’s a reasonably priced, 1.15-pound, solid pill with a 10-inch show, making it a smaller, lighter, and less expensive model of Microsoft’s different tablet computer — the Surface Pro 3 — discontinued. (Source: USA Today) (Note: My organization, The Marks Group P.C., is a Microsoft associate.)

Why is that essential in your enterprise and your customers? It’s lighter, inexpensive, smaller… and may also be higher than an iPad. It could be a winner for the business visitor or a cellular employee.

6. Apple updates its MacBook Pro with new processors and better keyboards. Apple recently updated some of its MacBook Pro computer systems. The biggest trade is the improvement to Intel’s cutting-edge 8th-technology processors, which now ship within the 15-inch and thirteen-inch MacBook Pro models. Apple says users should see as much as a 70 percent overall performance raise on the six-center 15-inch model and up to 2 times the performance on the best-case thirteen-inch model. (Source: CNBC)

Why this is vital to your commercial enterprise and your clients: Many personnel at small businesses rely on the Macbook for their computing needs, and an improvement like this guarantees to speed up the device’s performance and assist growth productivity.

7. The Department of Energy will award almost $100M in small biz tech R&D offers. The U.S. Department of Energy has announced that it will award ninety-five grants worth $ ninety-five million to 80 small groups placed in 26 states as part of its Small Business Innovation Research and Small Business Technology Transfer applications. (Source: ExecutiveGov.Com)

Why that is crucial in your business and your customers: Many small organizations overlook that the authorities – mainly its extra technical branches — have masses of hundreds of thousands of dollars in price range available to assist them in developing their groups, spending money on technologies and create new technologies that the government can also purchase. The Department of Energy’s application is one of the many offered that could create possibilities for small organizations.

8. Google announces Cloud Build, its new non-stop integration and shipping platform. Google just announced the release of Cloud Build — its new Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery framework. The employer describes it as a “fully-controlled CI/CD platform that lets you construct, take a look at, and deploy software program fast, at scale.” Cloud Build works throughout various environments, including V.M.s, serverless, Kubernetes, or Firebase. It additionally supports Docker containers and offers builders or operations the power to build, take a look at, and set up in an increasing number of computerized styles. (Source: Tech Crunch)

Why this is critical to your business and your clients: This new provider impacts any commercial enterprise – big or small – that develops packages and can be an excellent larger advantage to the firms that integrate their applications with Google apps like Gmail and G Suite.

9. How technology is saving PetSmart thousands and thousands by way of doing away with sales fraud. PetSmart says it saved $12 million in 2017 by catching criminals through high-tech methods particularly pinpointing fraudulent orders before they were shipped. Like many different shops, it’s for the usage of advanced gadget learning generation from fraud prevention provider Kount to take fraud prevention to the next stage using now not simply preventing losses on the stores but additionally supporting authorities in prosecuting criminals. By tracking online fraudsters in 2017, PetSmart canceled nearly $ 4 million in fraudulent orders and is on course to do even higher in 2018. (Source: ZDNet)

Why that is vital to your business and your clients: If you or your customers promote merchandise online, you’re exposed to fraudulent transactions when criminals use stolen credit score card numbers to purchase merchandise. That’s now not fun. The true information is that many corporations, like PetSmart and others, use synthetic intelligence and systems that will help you minimize this danger.

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10. How technology is revolutionizing underpants. Technology is now reworking undies with high-overall performance underwear that declare to do everything, from filtering flatulence to emitting soothing vibrations. With improvements in fiber technologies and knitting production, underpants nowadays may be excessive-tech, including haptic conversation. For instance, Sydney-born, New York-primarily based agency Wearable-X has teamed with condom manufacturer Durex to create interactive underwear known as Fundawear—which has a “vibrating touch” that can be transferred from everywhere in the world through a smartphone app.

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