A Guide for downloading Kundli Software in Windows 7

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An astrological chart which shows the position of stars and planet is called “JanamKundli” or Kundli. It shows the horror scope of a person. Kundli software gives a comprehensive report of the person’s complete life. Vedic astrologers design it. Things required to make a Kundli are birthdate, birthplace, and time of a person’s birth.

As we have some advanced technologies nowadays on which everything is possible. Several applications are available on the web for designing Kundli. The main question that arises in the way that how to download Kundli software for windows 7. Below will be some information regarding this kind of problem.


In this article, we will learn about w to download the Kundli application in Windows 7. Kundli is available in both English or Hindi language. In this type of software, North Indian, South Indian ate the chart formats. These applications contain calculations as well as predictions.

Kundli Software

Parashar light Kundli software is freely available to download for windows 7. This shows accurate results by giving birthdate and years by Vedic Vastu software. It can be downloaded by using these steps-

  1. Firstly go to my PC option and click on the properties option. Then you will see the add to home screen option, then click on it and add it to the home screen.
  2. Then go on the system option and check what model you are using and after that, check the windows version installed in your system.
  3. Then click on the application itself, and it will give you the option and link it to the folder it is stored in.
  4. Then click on the install option. You will get a window of downloading and the next option written over there.
  5. Any time you click install, it will open another window for this application.

It is available in both the languages in Hindi and English itself. To download Kundli software to windows 7, it is important to have an updated system in which any application can get installed.

Another application designed for Kundli is Astroage Kundli. This is also free software. It provides self-study as well as matching pairs with others. It can get downloaded using links also. Applications are available on the play store. Astro sage Kundli is not a protected application. provides it, and it comes without any warranty. It is not available on servers that are why it does not scan viruses. It is on the user if they want to get this application from the web or not available. Astrosage Kundli software is available for free download on windows 7.

Kundli shows the past, future, and present of the peoples. This is not an application properly yet, but we can have it from the web itself. Astro sage is a complex app designed with keeping in mind to provide satisfaction to the users. For Windows 10 and 8, this is easy to install and use. In this app, your system should have some memory. That’s why it is uneasy about installing it in windows 7.

After Astrosage, Free Kundli software was the only option left for users as another feature of Astrosage. It gives this application a proper chart of the stars and a planet when the person was born. It is designed keeping in mind the full knowledge of astrology.

Windows 7 is an old operating system that was introduced about 10 years ago. It is not updated enough to download new applications. But some of the Kundli applications or software are available for windows 7. A software called Kundli Pro is available on the web or the play store.

Kundli software for windows 7 is also available in Hindi. Kundli software is available at Astro vision, which provides the features of matching horoscope for free. This software is ideal for Kundli users. It also provides access to generate a horoscope according to individual requirements. It has options like to enter your name, birth date, birthplace, time of birth, and similarly, if you are matching you are kindly with another person then you need to fill the details with gender also then you have to click on the match option, and you will have the results.

Free software in Hindi provides accurate information about the stars and planets or the “dasa” balance at birth or a brief and detailed description of Rambha, anthem for each Bhukti (Sahara) which comes in the period of “data.” Dasa basically is a time period that involves some years or a particular span of time. It is said that it had both its good and adverse effects.

Kundli software for Windows 7 has a drawback that only matchmaking can be done easily with that. One cannot have an individual Kundli. These drawbacks are then fixed in another version of applications as well as in the operating system.

Kundli software can be easily downloaded on a PC. Many options are there, but specifically for windows 7, there are limited options available on the web. This kind of software involves all the databases for different regions of India or all over the world. And you have the option to add other cities as well like you can customize these options.

The shareware version can also do many things, like it can generate your horoscope by your name and place of birth, and it can also create a compatible report in short. You need to enter the date and time of birth for matchmaking purposes. But for the accurate Kundli report, you need to enter the correct information, like the correct time. If it is 12:03, then you can convert it to 12:00 or12:05. It can create another Kundli using this type of information.

Kundli making has become so easy with these applications or software. In ancient times this kind of work was done on pen and paper by the priest. That’s why it has special importance.

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