Using the iPod Touch for Navigation and Maps

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The iPod touch has an exquisite-excessive-decision Retina show, front-going through and back-facing cameras, an A8 processor, and brilliant multiplayer gaming. However, a GPS chip—reputedly so vital in modern portable electronics—is lacking. Apple doesn’t say why the organization left it out, however, it is probably due to the fact the iPod contact does not have net connectivity whilst it is far away from a Wi-Fi sign.

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Why does that be counted? In order for a few of the current crop of GPS navigation apps to the characteristic, they need continually-on or almost constantly-on connectivity. Many pull-down map facts on the fly as you roll down the motorway or alongside the trail. Navigation and location-conscious apps additionally rely on connectivity to get admission to information from search queries and databases. These apps are correctly useless without network connectivity.

There are several ways to use the iPod touch for navigation and region-conscious services. You can even GPS-permit the iPod touch with the proper add-ons.

Using the iPod Touch for Navigation and Maps Without GPS
Out of the container, the iPod contact is capable of significant region-conscious capability. As long as you’re within range of a usable Wi-Fi sign, you may use actual-time mapping and get turn-via-flip instructions from point A to factor B. The Maps app at the iPod touch we could you turn among widespread views of maps, satellite pics, and hybrids of each. The Maps app lets you faucet to zoom, pan and change your view and suggests you cutting-edge visitors situations as a street overlay.

The iPod touch can also take advantage of a slew of place-aware apps that draw on Wi-Fi connectivity to locate you and your buddies and show you views and evaluations of corporations and offerings near your location.

Adding GPS to the iPod Touch
All that said, it’s miles feasible to add GPS capability to the iPod contact. Each approach is a separate tool, no longer a software fix or internal adjustment to the device.

Dual Universal Bluetooth GPS Receiver: Once this receiver is paired with your iPod touch, you may be capable of use it with loads of apps that require vicinity data, which include mapping and navigation apps. The receiverships with a non-slip pad for use in an automobile and an armband for using the receiver whilst you jog, geocache, cycle, hike or experience other outdoor sports. The Dual GPS Receiver has an eight. Five-hour battery. Users download the GPS status tool on the iTunes save to be used with the receiver. It suggests your area, statistics on what number of satellites the device sees and the signal strength of each satellite tv for pc, the battery stage of the receiver and affirmation that the receiver is connected efficaciously for your iPod contact.Image result for Using the iPod Touch for Navigation and Maps
Garmin GLO Portable GPS and GLONASS Receiver: If you propose to use the iPod contact for in-car, turn-with the aid of-flip instructions, one way to add GPS to the device is to purchase a car mount with an integrated GPS chip together with the Garmin GLO Portable GPS and GLONASS Receiver with car electricity cable. According to Garmin, the GLO connects to 24 extra satellites than devices that rely completely on GPS. The GLO pairs along with your mobile device the usage of Bluetooth era. The receiver has as much as 12 hours of battery existence for lengthy journeys, and an elective friction mount continues the receiver for your dashboard and in full view of satellites.
Bad Elf GPS for Lightning Connector: This tiny connector packs a massive wallop. It plugs into any iPod touch with a Lightning connector and provides GPS and GLONASS location guide at the same time as supplying a skip-via port for charging. It also translates Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS) indicators to obtain role information from antennas whilst your view of the sky is obstructed. The software to configure and manage this device is downloadable on the App Store
Emprum UltiMate GPS: The Emprum UltiMate GPS accessory on your iPod touch plugs immediately into any iPod contact with a 30-pin connector and into an Apple-branded 30 pin-to-Lightning adaptor for more modern iPod models. It is licensed to satisfy Apple overall performance requirements and has been examined with all models of the iPod touch. It is suitable to be used with an automobile, motorcycle, boat or plane and for geocaching, hiking, golfing biking jogging and other outdoor activities. The accessory comes with the loose UltiMate GPS app available on the App Store.
Magellan ToughCase: If you need something portable for older iPod contact devices, test out the Magellan ToughCase for iPod contact. This tool is a rugged and water resistant case for the iPod touch through the 4th generation. It consists of an excessive-sensitivity GPS chip and supplemental battery to increase the iPod contact battery life.

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