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The One World Trade Center (also called the Freedom Tower) was built in New York following the destruction of the Twin Towers throughout the September 11 terrorist assaults. It is one of the tallest homes in the Western Hemisphere.
On 11th September 2001, the United States skilled one in all the largest terrorist assaults on its soil, killing at least three 000 human beings and injuring more than 6,000. It also precipitated damage really worth at least USD 10 billion, consisting of assets, homes, and different constructions. According to news reports, the Islamist terrorist group Al-Qaeda planned this attack in three distinctive locations: World Trade Center in New York City; Pentagon in Arlington County, Virginia; and Washington D.C.

Nineteen terrorists hijacked four passenger airplanes for the assaults, and in step with media resources, the whole plan was masterminded via the institution’s chief Osama bin Laden. Two planes, United Airlines Flight one hundred seventy-five and American Airlines Flight 11, crashed into the World Trade Center Towers. American Airlines Flight 77 crashed into the western side of the Pentagon, which is the Headquarters of the Department of Defense. The fourth flight, United Airlines Flight ninety-three, become to start with directed towards Washington D.C. However, it went down in a meadow at Shanksville in Pennsylvania.

On 9-11, 2001, at around 8 within the morning, American Airlines Flight 11 lifts off from Boston’s Logan International Airport. Its destination is meant to be LAX, LA, California. Five hijackers manipulate the plane while it’s far in midair and regulate the direction of New York City.
Around 8.15, United Airlines Flight one hundred seventy-five also takes to the air from the Logan International Airport, heading for the same vacation spot, i.E., LAX. Five hijackers are on board, and they contact the others on Flight eleven earlier than take off.

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At eight.20 am, American Airlines Flight 77 lifts off from the Washington Dulles International Airport―its vacation spot also being LAX―and is boarded by five hijackers. By this time, the transponder of Flight 11 has been turned off, and American Airlines is alerted by a flight attendant that the aircraft is being hijacked.
Few radio transmissions are intercepted with the aid of flight controllers at Boston around 8.30 am, in which a terrorist tells all the passengers to be quiet and no longer make any move. The hijacking of Flight 11 is confirmed, and the plane is on course to New York City.
At 8.36 am, Flight one hundred seventy-five gets a view of Flight 11, a few miles on the southern route, and notifies the air visitors controllers. Flight 175 was hijacked at eight.40 am. At the same time, United Airlines Flight ninety-three takes off from Newark International Airport and is initially certain for San Francisco International Airport.
At 8.46 am, Flight eleven crashed into North WTC Tower at a greater than 450 mph velocity. The aircraft’s fuel ignites, and a big cloud of smoke billows out from the top flooring where it has crashed. Humans start to get out from the lower floors, but the ones on top are nonetheless trapped. Several human beings on the outside begin filming the complete state of affairs.
The news travels rapidly, and full-size media coverage starts of evolved at an equal time. At 8.50 am, calls are crafted from Flight one hundred seventy-five, one from a person to his father, and the second from a flight attendant to United Airlines. Both calls are made to inform that the aircraft has been hijacked.
Around the same time, hijackers manipulated Flight 77 and changed its authentic path, now heading toward Ohio. U.S. President George W. Bush hears the news of approximately the WTC crash while he’s in Florida. At eight.55 am, the transponder of Flight 77 is switched off, and the plane is shifting in the direction of Washington D.C.


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