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Things to Do at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter

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As quickly because the information that Wizarding World of Harry Potter changed into the set to open came out, Potter fans waited with bated breath. Stars of the movie flew down to Florida for its beginning, which befell on June 18, 2010. The park is placed in Orlando, Florida, and Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, Tom Felton, James and Oliver Phelps, Michael Gambon, Bonny Wright, and lots of extra stars had been a gift for the outlet. Two other parks are also being built ― one in Los Angeles, California, and Japan. Let’s check numerous sights you’ll be able to enjoy inside the park of Orlando, Florida.


Dragon Challenge

This is a dueling roller coaster trip in which two roller coasters ― the Hungarian Horntail and the Chinese Fireball ― were inspired through Rowling’s fourth e-book, and the film Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire set your pulse racing. Both of them attain at the height of one hundred twenty-five ft and feature a complete of five inversions! What makes them even greater thrilling than probably the tallest roller coasters in the world is the fact that, at one factor, they pass within twelve inches of each other! That’s the whole thrill of driving a dueling roller coaster. It’s little surprise that Daniel Radcliffe himself rode this ride no much less than five instances. However, you want to ensure that you do not have any loose articles simultaneously as on this trip.

Flight of the Hippogriff

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This is a thrilling attraction due to the fact it is an own family-pleasant roller coaster. You’ll start with Hagrid’s booming voice telling you the proper manner of drawing close a Hippogriff, which changed into the mystical creature that becomes proven in the film Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. During the course of this journey, you may get to see glimpses of Hagrid’s cottage, his pumpkin patch, or even Buckbeak. It can even provide you with a lovely view of the Hogwarts citadel. This is a slower curler coaster, and it goes at a speed of 28—five mph.

The Forbidden Journey

This has also become one of the park’s predominant sights, as you get to peer the interior of Dumbledore’s workplace and Hogwarts fort. There are the portrait gallery and a replica of Dumbledore’s workplace. In truth, it is Dumbledore who guides you to the Defense Against the Dark Arts study room, from where you burst off to tour the region after which the 3D holograms of the 3 stars of their Harry Potter avatar ask you to pass the boring excursion, and rather manual you to the rides in which you’re taking the seat on ‘enchanted benches’. You can see dragons, the Whomping Willow from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, or even dementors to be able to try and suck out your soul, as shown in the movie.

Places to Visit

Hog’s Head and The Three Broomsticks

As depicted in the films, the Hog’s Head is ready inside the snowy and sleepy city of Hogsmeade. You will see the literal Hog’s Head coming to existence right here and the dirty partitions honestly shipping you back to the movies. You can experience many drinks right here, the famed Butterbeer being the maximum proper one, which changed into tested and tried by J. K. Rowling herself. The Three Broomsticks adjacent to the Hog’s Head and Honeydukes serve authentic English cuisine, consisting of Shepherd’s Pie, Fish, Chips, or even Cornish Pasties.


There are many stories in the park from which you may take domestic souvenirs. There are Dervish and Banges from wherein you can purchase matters right from the Quibbler to the Remembrall, a Sneakoscope, and the Triwizard Cup. There is Filch’s Emporium, in which a lot disliked Filch has stacked up all of the confiscated goods that you may purchase, like the Marauder’s Map mug, Slytherin mug, a stuffed Phoenix, Ministry of Magic mug, and a proclamation magnet, as visible in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

If you want to take something that probably became an inspiration for the Weasley’s keep, then Zonko’s shaggy dog story keep has to chatter enamel, screaming yo-yo, a fanged flyer, and a Pygmy Puff. However, the Owl Post and Ollivander’s wand shop are principal points of interest via ways. You can get a Hedwig mug or maybe of the route, one of the maximum selling objects, a magic wand, maybe Harry’s, Dumbledore’s, or even Voldemort’s. If you want to eat something light, you definitely should not miss Honeydukes, which has chocolate frogs, pumpkin juice, Bertie Bott’s every taste beans, and Fudge Flies.


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