Most Controversial and Banned Apps You Really Need to Know About

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Be it Google or Apple, app shops are flooded with inappropriate tries to capitalize on drollness or wittiness. With clear specifications about the content at the app now not being obscene, pornographic, offensive or defamatory, some builders create whacky apps that get away censors and Internet regulators. If technology is to be blamed, customers are continually on the quest of finding apps that ease their lives in some way or the opposite. And then, these curious heads come across things that want a filter.

From the raunchiest to the straight absurd, we have unveiled the apps that could go away you outraged. It’s difficult on our component to accept as true with that those apps simply made it thru the stern hints of the corresponding shops.
Most Controversial iPhone Apps
Girls Around Me
This app has taken creepy to every other stage. This geo-place app lets you find, or should I say, stalk girls in your nearby vicinity, based totally on public Foursquare check-ins and Facebook posts. It then lets you hook up with them via Facebook. The app turned into straight away taken off from the store for violating API’s coverage.
Baby Shaker
This is one of the most despicable iPhone apps launched. Created by Sikalosoft, it let users violently shake their iPhone so one can prevent the child’s loud noises in which, red Xs (crosses) might appear over the infant’s eyes and he would end to cry. Apple and Sikalsoft later apologized, and the app turned into removed when they found out their mistake.
Ghetto Tweets

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This Twitter-primarily based app, filtered your buddies’ tweets in an attempt to cause them to more ‘city’, however, ended up growing slang sounds that have been determined to be racist. After being flooded with lawsuits, the ghetto translator turned into pulled from the shop.
Me So Holy
This debatable app lets users take a mugshot and superimpose images of faces onto diverse religious figures consisting of Jesus Christ. The app becomes soon removed via Apple, putting forward it to be objectionable. To which the creator, Benjamin Kahle published on his website: Is faith surely to be located in the equal class as these violent apps? Sex, urine, and defecation do not seem to be off-limits, yet a very non-violent, religion-based app is.
Door Of Hope
A gay character may be cured in only 60 days through an iPhone app. Can you beat that? If it surely needs to be cured is a controversy too deep to dig in right here. But this app claimed to kill the demons that purpose same-sex points of interest in your frame. Apple immediately pulled the app from their app shop.
I Am Rich

This is one of the most ostentatious and useless apps in this list. With a retailfee of $999.Ninety-nine, this app does truly not anything aside from displaying a static photograph with a pink jewel, pronouncing “I Am Rich.” Two of the clients who unintentionally bought this app have been paid again. This app led the creator, Armin Heinrich a groovy $6,000 in his pocket till it became yanked off by using Apple.
Beauty Meter
As the call suggests, this app can help you add photos and get grades to your beauty; users ought to price the face, frame, and clothes from 1 to 5 stars. This loose app had no restrictions as some distance as the age or clothing that could be worn changed into concerned. Things have been quite risk-free till the photograph of a nude 15-year-vintage woman confirmed up, prompting Apple to ban it.




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