Jailed Vietnamese Blogger Mother Mushroom Said to Have Ended Hunger Strike

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Vietnamese blogger Nguyen Ngoc Nhu Quynh, one of the nice-regarded of her country’s nearly a hundred political prisoners and also called Mother Mushroom, has ended a starvation strike begun in advance this month in the prison where she is being held, and although worn-out is “in precise spirits,” a Vietnam-primarily based activist group says.

Quynh, now serving a 10-yr prison time period following her June 2017 conviction for her online writings criticizing Vietnam’s authorities, stated she might once more take food following a July 23 go to by using a U.S. Embassy representative, the Vietnam Bloggers Network stated on Wednesday.

Quynh commenced her starvation strike on July 6, bringing up government’ refusal to transfer her to a cell far away from an opposed and threatening cellmate. She then endured refusing food in spite of being moved to some other cell, saying her new mobile lacks privateness, with even the restroom seen to guards.

After 16 days without food, Quynh regarded worn-out but changed into in excellent spirits, the Network said in its July 25 announcement.

Contacted for affirmation, the U.S. State Department declined to remark.Image result for Jailed Vietnamese Blogger Mother Mushroom Said to Have Ended Hunger Strike

Call for interest

In an earlier assertion on July 24, the Network had called on pals and supporters, the UN Human Rights Council, rights groups, and foreign embassies in Vietnam to pay pressing interest to Quynh’s case.

The Network entreated that visits be prepared to Quynh’s jail in Thanh Hoa province to demand facts about her condition, including that “letters of encouragement” should be dispatched to the jailed blogger and overseas governments persuaded to apply pressure on Vietnam to comfy her release.

Quynh had blogged about human rights abuses and official corruption for extra than a decade. She had also criticized the authorities’ response to a 2016 toxic waste spill by the Taiwan-owned Formosa Plastics Group that destroyed the livelihoods of tens of heaps of Vietnamese residing in four coastal provinces.

Authorities have long focused activist writers and bloggers in an ongoing crackdown in a single-party Communist Vietnam, in which dissent is not allowed.

Rights group Amnesty International estimates that at least ninety-seven prisoners of a judgment of right and wrong are presently held in Vietnam’s prisons, in which many are subjected to torture or other sick-remedy.

Thai Marriage Reality

“Joe’s Story”

Joe ( this isn’t always his real name) is a huge brawny Vietnam Vet. I met him in the park where I visit exercise. Joe is alternatively loud, politically he’s way to the right of Attila the Hun and speaks his thoughts pretty forcefully. In reality, he truly was given himself thrown out of Thailand for insulting the King. When I let you know that a widely known Thai TV character became genuinely jailed for publicly relating to the King as ” The Skipper”, a reference to the Monarchs widely known love of sailing, you’ll appreciate simply how heinous Joe’s crime changed into.

Joe receives an invalidity pension related to his time in the army due to the severity of his incapacity he’s eligible for the maximum quantity. I don’t have any idea what the disability is he did now not offer the data and I did not ask. His invalidity pension while combined together with his social protection entitlement way that Joe is an incredibly rich man in Thailand.

Joe has been married to his Thai spouse for just over five years. When he met her in Bangkok she advised him that she labored in a manufacturing unit. It took Joe 3 years to determine out that his wife honestly labored within the intercourse enterprise. Now I do now not assume Joe is a silly guy but on occasion, people are willing to allow themselves to be deluded, which is I assume what occurred on this example.

Joe lives in a condo block wherein his spouse spends little time. He is convinced that she has a Thai boyfriend and that when she says she goes to get a paper and disappears for three hours she is in truth visiting her boyfriend. By his estimate, she has had $a hundred,000 of his money within the time they were collectively, or extra correctly not been together. Most of this cash could have long gone to her Family who stays in Rural Issan.Image result for Jailed Vietnamese Blogger Mother Mushroom Said to Have Ended Hunger Strike

“Why do you positioned up with it I requested him?” Joe idea approximately this for some time before he replied. ” Because I still can’t trust that anybody maybe this stupid, I cannot agree with how silly I have been however she offers an entirely new meaning to the phrase stupid!!”. Joe went on to tell me that he has had numerous Thai Women who are Married to American ex-servicemen or are their widows explain to his Wife simply how much money she can acquire for the relaxation of her existence when he dies.

In point of reality in step with Joe, there can regularly be a reasonably lengthy put off from the time of her partner’s death up until his widow starts offevolved to collect the above referred to the pension. Joe had even opened a bank account in his wife’s call in which he had deposited 200,000 Baht to tide her over after he died. “When I checked this account Joe stated ruefully she had emptied it!”

I defined my take on this behavior as being truly normal of Thai thinking promises of wealth inside the destiny reduce lithe little ice, it’s far what may be acquired today that topics. While agreeing with me up to a degree Joe nonetheless professed his utter bemusement at the overall loss of foresight or common sense which have been indicated via his Wife’s mindset.

Joe has now not parted along with his $one hundred,000 quietly. By his estimate, his Wife and he have been thrown out of most condominium buildings in Town because of the disturbance induced to the opposite citizens via the severity and frequency in their quarrels over cash. I imagine that what occurs is that finally his spouse simply wears him all the way down to the factor wherein he capitulates simply to get a few peace!! No one should underestimate the pati,ence of a grasping Thai woman in pursuit of a Baht!!

Joe’s Wife has teenage sons, as his stepchildren, they’re also eligible for fairly generous financial help from Uncle Sam. Rather lamentably Joe advised me that what he had started out trying to do became to become clearly help anyone less lucky than himself. Instead, he has wound up with a Wife who facilitates herself to his money on an ongoing foundation, in-legal guidelines who spend that cash as quickly as his spouse can Filch it. And stepsons who sit around with the relaxation of the Family averting any type of paintings at all charges.


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