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Internet Trolls – What Are They and How Do I Deal With Them?

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Internet trolls are people who are willing to say nasty things to get a reaction from you, usually to hurt your feelings. While it is true that they’re often just trying to get a rise out of you, the truth is that there are people who are mean and just looking for a reaction from you because they’re bored.

Internet trolls are everywhere. They lurk on social media sites; they send nasty messages on email lists, and they’re in chat rooms. They’re even in your news feed! They’re everywhere. Some are nice. Most are nasty. And some are downright mean. You’re not alone if you’ve had a troll on the internet lately.

Trolls are a nuisance and a waste of time. They’re annoying and rude. But what can you do if you’re dealing with one? Here’s a list of things you should try before resorting to anything drastic. You may have noticed that your mood seems to be affected by what you see on the internet. People who get upset over things are more likely to have a bad day when they come home from work and find their favorite website has changed.

You can’t always control what you see online, and when you are on the internet for extended periods, your emotions may be affected. Some people are so bothered by negative comments they read on the internet that they go to extreme lengths to find out the person who wrote the comment.

What is an internet troll?

Internet trolls are generally people who intentionally seek to annoy and harass others. This might include posting nasty messages on social media, sending spam emails, trolling in chat rooms, etc. In this post, we will look at how you can use the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Stackdriver logging service to monitor the activities of internet trolls. In this scenario, we will look at a specific type of troll called a “low-quality user”.

internet troll

Stackdriver is a logging service offered by Google Cloud Platform. These people post comments that are unrelated to the topic or are completely off-topic. We will see how we can use Stackdriver to detect these types of users automatically.

How Do Internet Trolls Work

Internet trolls are people who enjoy upsetting others. They often get a thrill from harassing people online. Internet trolls have their particular style of “bullying.” Some troll by posting inflammatory comments, others by sending malicious messages, and others by impersonating others.

Internet trolls come in many forms, but they have a common goal: to upset others. Internet trolls may also have a history of being bullied. That might explain why they get so upset when others are upset. Regardless of how they work, the result is the same. They’re trying to upset others.s.

How do I deal with internet trolls?

Internet trolls can be a pain to deal with. While some are simply annoying, others are outright abusive. If you’re dealing with a troll, here are some ways to handle it. Your friends and family can help. If you’re dealing with someone who is trolling, talk to them. Tell them why you’re upset and ask for help.

Having a safe space to discuss this is important, so find a trusted friend and have a conversation. You’ll also want to keep your interactions short. Don’t let this person talk you into any form of retaliation. If they’re being rude, don’t respond in kind.

How do I recognize internet trolls?

Trolls are a nuisance and a waste of time. They’re annoying and rude. But they’re not going away anytime soon. That’s the conclusion of a new survey by the Pew Research Center, which found that nearly one in five Internet users – 21 percent – say they have been subjected to online harassment in the last year. The figure is up from 16 percent who reported such experiences in a similar poll conducted in 2009. The findings come amid mounting concern about online abuse.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What is an internet troll?

A: An internet troll is a person who posts hateful comments on another person’s blog or profiles to cause problems. A person who trolls you is trying to get you upset and make you feel bad about yourself.

Q: What can I do to deal with them?

A: There is nothing you can do but block the person, but if you do not, they will keep coming back.

Q: Can I report them to someone?

A: No, you cannot. It is against the rules to post someone else’s address or phone number on your blog or website. If you see a comment that looks like it could be threatening or violent, please report it to the site administrator, and they will take care of it.

Q: What are the laws about online harassment?

A: Many countries have specific laws regarding the use of the internet.

Top Myth about internet trolls

1. People who dislike you are hiding behind their computer screens.

2. These people will attack you for no reason whatsoever.

3. You have nothing to worry about because they are anonymous.

4. Only older adults or teenagers are subject to Internet trolls.


I’ve been following many online discussions recently about people who like to troll online. It’s sad to see how much hatred and frustration is built over something as simple as a forum post.

However, I’ve noticed a lot of people jumping into these conversations and getting upset. And it’s usually when they fail to understand that trolling is a strategy, and it’s not the person’s fault that they were successful.

Trolls don’t have the best interests of anyone in mind. They enjoy provoking people and stirring up trouble. If you’re not careful, it can affect your online reputation and cause you to lose followers.

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