From the early 90’s to the late 20’s change in golden jewellery trend.

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The art of adornment would have been without the precious, glittering metal that we called gold. It is used to symbolize prosperity, health, wealth, lives of the nation’s culture, and it in today’s life is quintessential to women’s jewelry boxes. Gold has been treasured for its radiance, luster, and natural beauty throughout history. Due to this, many regions have imagined representing the sun with gold. We get several palettes of color nowadays, but yellow gold jewelry is still the most popular color among the present population.

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For the last 100, there has been a lot of changes. Jewelry has been stapled for both men and women with as equal importance since prehistoric times. But with time, the jewelry trend has changed a lot, but this material’s value is still the same.

Evolution of golden jewelry according to need.

  • Rajputana jewelry: The Rajput dynasty brought skilled artisans with them; these artisans induced gold jewelry. This started with the Kundan gold jewelry and Meenakari, unique art and required an extraordinary skill set. Gemstones are mixed with pure gold to form stunning pieces. The designs like Meenakari, Kundan, and Thuva work from the Mughal age are prevalent today. Some regional bride looks are considered to be incomplete without this jewelry.
  • Filigree design: The filigree design has a lace-like appearance with interwoven gold wires. The making of such designs was practiced in Cuttack. This design still gets the same affection across the nation. The modern look it gives anits lightweightls make it an appropriate choice to bring up a sophisticated look.
  • Bride jewelry: A bride still craves her wedding ornaments to be those royal designs with new trends in today’s modern world. Lofty and long necklaces have replaced layered Ranchers. Gold chain models are now found in various colors that give a no of choice. This makes them look more stylish and trendy. The new trend also includes a gold bangle design with weight. And these are the new favorite of every bride. These smart and broad bangles give a complete bridal look and give a beautiful matching appearance with the wedding attire.
  • Working women’s jewelry: Working women prefer delicate to wear. These delicate designs can give them a sophisticated look. This includes a matte gold chain, curved bracelets, and some bangles. This light wear even goes with their formal attire and doesn’t look heavy and can give a perfect look for their daily work purpose.

One of the most important reasons that make gold popular even in today’s world is its property, due to which it doesn’t react with atmospheric moisture and doesn’t cause any rusting. The craze for gold is still as significant as it used to be. People of all ages can opt for this jewelry. Golden jewelry can make one beautiful, which can easily bring up one’s confidence. Nowadays, we don’t only get traditional designs but also trendy, and lightweight new collections in the color of gold differ from alloy mixed. The best part of gold is that it never goes out of style. Style and trend can change, but the value of this precious, lustrous metal has always remained the same. It has been years and is still the most popular metal with a value that continues to rise with the new generation.

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