An Overview of the Chemical and Physical Properties of Magnesium

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1) The time period ‘magnesium’ is derived from the Greek phrase magnesia, which refers to the name of the vicinity from wherein it changed into extracted.
2) Magnesium is intently related to manganese and magnetite.
Three) About 2.1% of the Earth’s crust contains magnesium. This makes magnesium the 6th most found element.
Four) The biggest deposits of magnesium is observed in the seawater. It has been calculated by scientists that a cubic mile of seawater includes about 6 million lots of this element.
Many items that we use in our day-to-day lives include magnesium within the form of certain compounds or alloys. Magnesium is produced and exported with the aid of nations together with North Korea, Russia, China, Austria, Slovakia and so on. Turkey ranks first a number of the magnesium-generating nations. In American, magnesium is derived from the seawater by using a specific era.

1) Magnesium is located some of the alkaline earth metals on the periodic desk. This element belongs to the institution 2 and period three of the periodic table.
2) It has the atomic range 12 which means that it has 12 protons and 12 electrons. The average atomic mass of this element is 24.305 am.

Magnesium-diboride-3D-balls.png (1100×793)

1) Magnesium is a completely reactive steel and does not exist in a free nation in nature.
2) It reacts at a gradual pace with cold water and at a very fast tempo with hot water.
Three) It reacts with nearly all the acids and alkalies, leading to the formation of a selection of different compounds and by using products.
4) It actively reacts with many non-metals which include nitrogen and fluorine.
Five) Magnesium additionally readily reacts with a few different compounds which include carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide,
Oxidization of Magnesium
1) The oxidation process of magnesium may be very speedy and a layer of oxidized magnesium is fashioned on the surface of the metal if stored in the open.
2) Magnesium additionally burns very rapidly, while it’s miles at room temperature. This burning manner could be very livid because it produces a dazzling white light.

1) Magnesium has a silvery white look.
2) Among all the structural metals, magnesium is the lightest.
Three) Its boiling point is 1090ºC or 1994ºF.
Four) The steel shows an excellent conductivity of warmth and strength.

1) Pieces of magnesium can be welded, molded, cut, and shaped in step with the requirements. It also can be fabricated without problems. Such structural metals are commonly used to construct large systems and homes.
2) Magnesium is not often used inside the structures in its loose form because of its reactive homes. In such instances, it’s miles used as an alloy.
As cited inside the chemical homes, magnesium is also present in many different compounds like dolomite, magnesium carbonate (that is additionally called magnesite), and magnesium sulfate (which is also acknowledged with the aid of the call epsomite).

Many us probably do no longer know the fact that magnesium is also required by way of the human body for effective functioning. This mineral is prominently found in bones and frame cells. The intake of magnesium this is required is very low and principally comes through the molecules of chlorophyll that are prominently present in inexperienced leafy veggies, legumes, whole grains, and end result consisting of figs, bananas, and artichokes.




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