All You Wanted to Know About the Amazing Properties of Polystyrene

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Polystyrene is produced by the polymerization of the monomer styrene, that’s a by-product of petroleum. If you have a look at the chemical structure of polystyrene, you will see that it’s far composed of carbon and hydrogen atoms handiest. Thus, it is classified as a hydrocarbon. Now, if you look at the bonds in its chemical structure, you may see that the carbon atoms are connected to one another through covalent bonds. Every alternate carbon atom at the polystyrene chain has a phenyl institution (call given to benzene ring) connected to it. It is a protracted chain hydrocarbon, and its chemical method is C8H8)n. Given underneath is the chemical shape of polystyrene.

Tyrene is an aromatic monomer, commercially product of petroleum. Polystyrene is a vinyl polymer, made from the styrene monomer by way of loose radical vinyl polymerization.

Properties of Polystyrene

Now that we’ve got seen the shape of polystyrene, let us delve a little deeper into its houses. Here we will find out about the physical, mechanical, optical, thermal, electric, and chemical residences of polystyrene.

Physical Properties

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► The density of polystyrene can vary from 10kg/m3 to 50kg/m3.

► Unfilled polystyrene is amorphous, and has a glassy, sparkling look. It is likewise called crystal polystyrene.

► A critical belonging of extruded polystyrene is its buoyancy or capability to float in water. This makes it an appropriate preference for making floating boards. If you’ve got ever been to the swimming pool and observed the colorful forums, you’ll know what we are speaking approximately!

► The viscosity of polystyrene, like any other non-Newtonian fluids, relies upon at the sheer price. It is the ratio of the shear strain to shear rate.

Here are the values for the bodily houses of trendy purpose polystyrene (GPPS).

GPPS is obvious whilst excessive effect polystyrene (HIPS), that’s a copolymer fashioned with the aid of adding rubber to polystyrene at the time of polymerization, is opaque. However, HIPS has gloss, that’s measured by the proportion of mild reflected via the surface of the polymer. Given below are the values of the optical properties of GPPS.

Thermal residences are the homes exhibited by using the substance while it is subjected to warmth. These encompass the warmth distortion temperature, glass transition temperature, thermal conductivity, and so forth. Polystyrene is a rigid, obvious thermoplastic, that is found in solid or glassy state at ordinary temperature. But, whilst heated above its glass transition temperature, it turns into the liquid form that flows and may be without difficulty used for molding and extrusion. It becomes strong once more when it cools off. This asset of polystyrene is used for casting it into molds with the first-class element. Given below are the values of the thermal houses for GPPS.

Electrical properties are the residences of a substance that decide its reaction to an electrically powered discipline. Given beneath are the values of these houses for GPPS.


► Polystyrene is chemically inert and does not react with maximum substances.

► It dissolves in a few organic solvents. It is soluble in solvents that contain acetone, which includes most aerosol paint sprays and cyanoacrylate glues.

► The transformation of carbon-carbon double bonds into less reactive unmarried bonds in polystyrene is the main motive for its chemical stability. Most of the chemical homes of polystyrene are because of the specific homes of carbon.

► It is noticeably flammable and burns with an orange-yellow flame, giving off carbon debris or soot, as a function of all fragrant hydrocarbons. Polystyrene, on complete oxidation, produces most effective carbon dioxide and water vapor.




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