3 Tips To Create More Impressive Videos Using the Picture-in-Picture Effect

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Picture-in-picture is an effect where a second video (or image) is placed on top of the original video – allowing viewers to watch both at the same time. It is also known as a video overlay, and is frequently used when creating certain types of videos.

Although similar to the split-screen effect – there are subtle differences between the two. With the split-screen effect, the screen is divided into sections, whereas picture-in-picture plays the overlay in a small frame within the original video.

If you’re interested in using the picture-in-picture, these tips should help you to create more impressive videos:

  • Make sure there is contrast between the overlay and the original

If the overlay video’s colors are too similar to that of the original video it will make it less noticeable and in some cases may cause parts of it to look like parts of the original video. That is especially the case if both videos have the same color background.

To avoid this you should make sure there is a good color contrast between both the videos so that the overlay video stands out from the original. If you’ve already recorded both videos and you can’t fix the issue, you may want to consider adding a border to set the video apart.

  • Manage the audio of the videos

One of the main challenges of using the picture-in-picture effect is that when you overlay one video on top of the other the audio from both videos will play at the same time. Odds are you can see why that would be an issue, as the audio from both videos are likely to clash.

There are a number of ways that you can manage the audio of the videos to deal with this problem, but the easiest is to simply mute or remove the audio track from one of the videos. Otherwise you could adjust the audio levels to make one audio track less noticeable.

  • Experiment with the size and placement of the overlay

Deciding on the right size and placement of the overlay can be tricky, and you will want to experiment a little with various options. Generally you would want the overlay to be large enough that it can be seen clearly, but not too large that it distracts viewers completely from the original video.

As far as the placement goes a typical placement for webcam overlays is towards the bottom-right corner – but you can experiment with other options as well.

If you try these tips out you should be able to come up with far more impressive videos while using the picture-in-picture effect. Nowadays most video editors will let you add overlays to your videos, and for example you could use Movavi Video Editor and follow the instructions at

While the picture-in-picture effect is used most frequently nowadays to add a small overlay containing webcam video footage – there are lots of other ways to use it. The fact that both videos will play simultaneously will mean that it is a valuable way to show your viewers a different scene or camera angle that is taking place at the same time.

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