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There are countless things that you may do with your Mac. One amongst which, is putting in an alarm. Here’s how you may move about it.Try Know

Setting an Alarm on a Mac the usage of iCal

You do not need to fear approximately getting late for any appointment, meeting, or forgetting an important occasion. All you want to do is turn your Mac into an alarm clock. There are many third-birthday party programs that you may use (we can address this part later), however, there is an inbuilt application that you may make use of, that is iCal.

First matters first, you want to installation a date and time for your iCal alarm. Go to the Applications folder on your Mac and choose the iCal utility. Once the software is open, you need to double-click at the day you want to set an alarm. When you do so, you’ll get a window that prompts you to add a name to the pastime or occasion. When you pick the pastime, you want to click on on it again. This action will lead to a new window doping up to your display.

This window contains several alternatives that you could use for setting an alarm on a Mac. With the help of the cursor, choose the choice that announces – Alarm. Select this feature by means of clicking on it and you will get a drop down menu. The drop down menu carries a number of alternatives which are as follows:


maxresdefault.jpg (1920×1080)
This alternative will be displayed when the alarm is going off. It will have priority over some other software or dialog container open or run on your Mac. This manner, in case you are busy in the Facebook land, the alarm window will pop up.

Message with Sound
This option is just like the above alternative. The most effective difference is that it will also play a sound. So, in case you are busy thinking about over the documents to your desk, the sound will assist you to realize it’s time for lunch. You can select your favorite sound from the to be had the listing.

Let’s see how this feature works. Suppose you are far away from your desk, enjoyable in the cafeteria. Suddenly, you receive an email notification for your cell phone. It is despatched by means of iCal, thru electronic mail, to inform that your smash time is over. You need to don’t forget to set the instant email notification for your computing device, as well as your phone, to be alerted proper away.

Open File
This is an exciting alternative that you may use, as your wake up name. You can use the Open File alarm choice to open any tune or maybe a movie or record for your laptop. This will notify you that it’s time to do the belongings you had set the alarm for.

There is any other option known as Run Script this is best useful for superior customers. For now, you will locate the above alternatives beneficially. Once you select an alternative, just click ‘Done’. Your alarm is set and you’ll in no way be late again.

Using Other Applications There are masses of software that you can use for placing alarm-like reminders in your Mac. Here are the maximum useful ones.




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