How to Become An Industrial Organizational Psychologist: A Quick Guide

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As the name suggests, Industrial Organizational Psychologists help businesses to improve.

These professionals work with hiring managers and benefit from training employees in areas such as goal setting, conflict resolution, and overcoming bias.

ndustrial Organizational Psychologist

An IO Psychology degree can be helpful for a career in a variety of fields, including human resources or social work.

The Road to Becoming a Professional IOP

Most IOPs have a post-graduate degree in the topic. Programs like Touro University Worldwide IO Psychology Degree are a great choice because they focus on building real-world skills that can help you right away.

One of the most well-respected psychology degrees, a Ph.D. is an intensive degree and might take 5 years to complete. While it’s possible to go after a Master of Science in Psychology and then move on to a Ph.D. later, some programs do offer combined degrees.

Master’s level students get the chance to focus on one area of psychology for at least two years as part of their studies. In some cases, a Master’s degree will give you the chance to test out your specialty before moving on to your doctorate.

Finding & Landing Your First IOP Job

Getting the right résumé format, the right skills and knowledge, and knowing how to effectively communicate with hiring managers can make all the difference as you look for work.

Research Your Field

Companies are always looking for talented people with fresh ideas. You’re going to need to make a strong impression from the start by talking about your background and qualifications clearly when you’re applying for positions. You can spend your free time researching your chosen field, and even once you are in your job, it is recommended to carry out thorough research.

Apply to Various Jobs

There are so many people applying for a job that it will take time to go through each candidate to see if you’re the person that is going to add the most value. Sometimes you will get noticed and other times you may not, so as you start to look for jobs, don’t be afraid to reach out to as many as you can. While you should look at reviews of companies, it is better to do this at a stage where you are heading for interviews.

Take Your Time with deciding on an Employer

It’s better to put out a strong application and not have an immediate job than to rush through it and have your potential employer find you are not the right fit they are looking for, or they are not the right fit for you. You want to make sure that you don’t just work for any job or any organization, but one where you will be able to make a true difference.

You will know when a job is right for you. While all organizations need Industrial Organizational Psychologists, only some are going to offer you a place where you can truly thrive.

Don’t Confuse Industrial Organizational Psychology with Clinical Psychology?

There are a few differences when it comes to the career of an Industrial Organizational Psychologist and a Clinical Psychologist. Industrial Organizational Psychologists can focus on the workplace and do research, or they can be involved in management.

Additionally, many of these professionals are trained in areas such as project management, data analysis, and employee training. They spend their days coming up with strategies to help make the business more profitable and efficient. Clinical psychologists work more with individuals than organizations and have doctoral degrees in clinical psychology from accredited institutions. Make sure you don’t confuse yourself with the two different job fields before applying.

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