Five Reasons Why You Need a WordPress Blog

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Back in December, I decided that I desired to strive something new and fresh with my website. I was additionally getting bored with the usual websites with their uniform appearance and I didn’t surely feel like I was getting any benefit from it. So, I did a bit of research and decided that I wanted to strive a running a blog platform and after a bit extra studies, I selected WordPress.

Before I fully transformed to the blog, I become receiving approximately 900 specific site visitors every month.

– By January, one month when I transformed, I changed into receiving 1300 precise site visitors.

– By February it had grown to 2500 precise site visitors

– In March, it had grown to 4000 specific site visitors inside the month.

That is 4 times the visitors I started with!

So, allow’s have a look at the pinnacle five reasons why you need a WordPress blog:

1. Blogs are User-Friendly and Very Easy to Use

The upside to having weblog software in preference to a website is that it is very person-friendly. The blog uses a GUI, or a picture-person interface, which means that that that the whole thing that you can want to do is specified in easy to apprehend pictures. The blogging software program also conforms to the standards of most different software applications. For example, the photograph icons you spot in Microsoft Office programs are very just like the images you may see inner of your weblog.

The purpose that this is so essential is that YOU can replace your OWN internet site and also you do not need to pay excessive charges in internet design charges to accomplish that! There is not any messing around with HTML code, you can avoid having a dull, dead web page that people handiest go to sometimes and alternatively, you could update it yourself and supply people a reason to go back time and again and once more.

wordpress-blog.png (2000×1330)

The different upside to this is that while you need something modified quickly, you can do so. You no longer need to wait on an internet fashion designer or a virtual assistant, you could simply pop into the dashboard and update the page you want to make modifications to and click on shop and increase – you’re achieved!

Making regular posts is likewise clean to do. In some, short clicks after which some keystrokes for the frame of your post, you can have clean, new content material for your weblog right away. If you’re feeling especially creative one day, you could write a sequence of posts and keep all of them to put up on destiny dates. For me, I will write eight or 9 weblog entries at a time and keep them to put up one or two days apart. This is also beneficial if you are going on an excursion. In February, my husband and I went to the Dominican for a holiday and earlier than I left, I wrote blog entries to cool the week I become long past and simply posted them in advance. On the days that I particular, my blog entries showed up at the weblog!

2. Blogs Are Easy to Navigate

All blogs observe a fairly fashionable style of formatting and navigation. Although every template may appearance distinctive, they all incorporate the equal trendy factors. When I go to a weblog, I continually recognize in which to go to see Recent Posts. I also understand that on the general public of blogs, I might be able to find a place to enroll in the blog’s feed. A feed is surely a syndication of your weblog entries. That syndicated text is then despatched out on your weblog traffic feed readers and is despatched out to the search engines, etc. This is a part of the purpose that blogging is so powerful in getting people to your website.

Have you ever visited an internet site where every menu has been exceptional and each sidebar contained exceptional textual content depending on where you were on the website? Those kinds of websites are confusing and that they do not lead the internet site visitor where they must be going. With running a blog software, it remains standard and is continually updating itself. When you are making an alternate on one sidebar, it routinely updates on every other sidebar which eliminates any type of confusion in your internet site visitors.




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