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The modern-day guy has 4 fundamental desires, consisting of food, apparel, refuge, and Wi-Fi. As we head in the direction of the era of Internet of factors and seamless integration throughout gadgets becomes a more and more important necessity, Wi-Fi era has grown to be as indispensable, as a life-help machine.

Wireless router era has gone thru its brand new regeneration cycle, with the 802.11ac networking trendy (a.K.A 5G Wi-Fi), that offers kind of 2.5 times faster records transmission speeds, as compared to the sooner 802.11n general.

Besides the enhancement in speed, the new standard permits for up to eight transmission antennas in routers, and operates completely inside the five GHz frequency range, that is inherently much less possibly to have large-scale interference.

The beamforming generation, that provides directed sign transmission, is an added function that enhances statistics switch pace, by way of optimizing sign energy.

Ergo, along with your today’s MacBook Pro or iMac in an area, that is the proper time to improve to a brand new router and create a ubiquitous wireless community, which lets you seamlessly proportion your records and hook up with the Internet.

After an extensive evaluation of the real world performance and specs of a range of routers, which are on offer within the market, those that stood out, and which could specifically match Mac customers, are subsequent. All of them are based totally on the new 802.11ac generation, that guarantees a theoretical most of one.3 Gbps of statistics transfer speed, whilst truly turning in extra than three hundred Mb consistent with 2d. This is an extensive improvement over the 50 – one hundred fifty Mbps speeds, supplied by the sooner 802.11n general.

All the reviewed devices are backward well suited with the sooner preferred; however, to derive the whole benefit of the brand new well known, you will want your Mac and other devices, to have wi-fi adapters which can be primarily based on the 802.11ac general. The present day MacBook Pro and iMac, together with many excessive-end smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S4, have 802.11ac chipsets and adapters.


If state-of-the-art and reducing edge is what you are searching out, this Asus product has it all. While offering up to 1.Three Gbps speeds at the 5 GHz band, through the 802.11ac popular, it gives a transmission speed up to six hundred Mbps on the two.4 GHz band.

Inside, it’s uniquely ready with a Broadcom BCM4709 chipset, with a twin-middle Arm Cortex A9 processor, that clocks at 800 MHz, with 256 MB RAM. Broadcom TurboQAM generation enhances the velocity for 802.11n transmission by way of 33%, to offer a most of six hundred Mbps. It’s backward well suited with all earlier standards (802.Eleven a/b/g). Weighing a trifling 640 gm, the device has five Gigabit Ethernet ports, as well as USB ports, that may enable report and printer sharing.

DSC_0945.JPG (1930×1287)

It is prepared to be a media server, with support for a couple of video and audio codecs. The router can function a printer server, as well as a Samba and FTP server. In phrases of encryption, the tool offers WPA2 Enterprise-level aid, besides different options like WPA2-PSK.

A small feature that merits point out is the choice to turn off LED lighting fixtures, while you want a room to be completely dark. The AiDisk characteristic allows clean sharing of records from a related garage device, through an FTP server. AiCloud software allows the sharing of network statistics too far off users. While you may installation predominant Wi-Fi networks for each band, you can set 3 extra networks in step with the band, for guest customers. In addition, it also gives integrated VPN connectivity, in conjunction with parental manage capabilities, for domestic users.

Real global speeds, offered via the router, on the 5 GHz band are close to 530 Mbps, even as imparting the most pace of around 200 Mbps, whilst switched to the wireless-N network. It is ideally suited for HD video streaming across networks, whilst its variety of capabilities makes it a versatile device, that may be used for various functions.

The only few minus points are its price, that is a piece on the high priced aspect and the truth that it isn’t always wall-mountable.


This is unarguably one of the most powerful routers at hand, that could efficaciously act as your whole wi-fi sharing control answer. Its greater capabilities like integrated VPN and cloud sharing, make it an effective preference for small companies, as well as electricity customers, who would gain from its non-public cloud services. If high velocity and versatility are the features you’re searching out, this is only for you.

Apple AirPort Extreme
(Price: USD 199)

Sporting a graceful minimalistic layout, that is the Cupertino-based enterprise’s very very own wireless networking solution, ably geared up to supply information throughout the Apple environment, with an upgraded 802.11ac chipset. Among all of the routers reviewed right here, it has a natural gain, due to the truth that it is specially designed to work with iOS and Mac OS X gadgets. So Mac users will locate this router to be the perfect to put in. Designed to be compatible with Windows PCs as nicely, it is able to connect a maximum of 50 customers.

In phrases of specs, no longer a great deal has modified since its remaining model, besides the threefold growth in transmission speeds, presented by using the brand new networking fashionable. Your Mac has a native software program application referred to as AirPort application, to help you without difficulty installation this router. It gives report sharing, port forwarding, Dynamic DNS, as well as USB hard pressure sharing. Real world transmission speeds on the 802.11ac band are mentioned to be nearly 280 Mbps, which could serve the wishes of most domestic customers.

The lot-wished media streaming facility, via a related USB difficult force, is sorely overlooked in this device. There is no parental manage facility or VPN connectivity.


All in all, the router is ideal for domestic users, with an Apple environment, who need an easy-to-installation machine, that serves strong records transmission speeds in the range of 280 Mbps.




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