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The CSE or the Civil Service Exam organized by the Union Public Service Commission is one of many examinations conducted to fill the country’s civil service positions. The examination is divided into two parts, the CSE Prelims and the Advanced. One must qualify the former to appear for the latter and eventually become an Officer in the country’s civil service. About 7 lakh takers of the Civil Services Exam last year, in 2017, and only 15000 qualified for the main exam. The percentage of people making it through is a dismal figure.

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With the CSE 2018 around the corner, the candidates are frenzy about the exam potentially deciding factor for their futures. Every individual serious about the examination has given strenuous effort into the preparation for the UPSC exam. And a significant element of the trial is solving previous years’ question papers, especially the year’s questions immediately before the year they will appear in.

The question papers and UPSC 2018 answer keys may be easily obtained from various online portals and exam study apps. Indeed they are readily available. While questions are still acceptable, the answer key is crucial to the preparation of any candidate. The answer key serves as the point of reference for the candidate to understand that they had gone wrong, figure out where they went wrong, and accordingly take self-improvement measures. Therefore those concerned need to get a proper answer key for the papers they get. The exact online portals may publish answer keys, but a legitimate answer key for question papers is essential for those banking.

And indeed, the answer key can have a legitimate source. The UPSC website itself publishes the answer key to each year’s questions on its website, a few days after the exam is over.

Here is a guide to gain access to the UPSC published answer key from their official website:

1. Log on to UPSC Official Website

The Union Public Service Commission has an active official website ( that is kept up to date with the latest examinations, admit card distribution, rescheduling of reviews, and other details. Log on to the website to quickly find the answer key to the previous year’s question papers and use it deftly for your preparation. You can also find the answer key to the CSE that you will appear for after your exam to have a fair idea of your performance.

2. Click on the tab in the top right corner

On the top right corner is an icon, by clicking which a subpage will open on the main web page of the UPSC website.

3. Look for the ‘Examinations’ option

In the subpage, there will be a host of options related to the CSE and the UPSC. Look for the choice on ‘Examinations’ and glance through the options given.

4. ‘Answer Keys’

Under ‘Examinations,’ there will be a host of options, out of which ‘Answer Keys’ is one. This is the option you are looking for. Select to know more.

5. PDF file

Once you click on ‘Answer Keys,’ the website will open on a page with all the answer keys listed according to the recent UPSC examinations. The list contains PDF links to the answer keys to the exams listed. The links are in blue.

6. Download file

Click on the blue text to download the PDF files to the exam pertinent to you. Click on ‘save’ after the file is downloaded to find it later on the device you are using.

7. Search directly on Google

The Union Public Service Commission homepage and subpages show up on Google search as well. In the search bar, type in what you are looking for, something along with the ‘UPSC CSE Answer key,’ and add the year about the question paper you are solving. This will help you gain access to answer keys before the year immediately preceding yours, thus saving you from a lot of scrolling on the UPSC official website.

The UPSC answer key can be of extreme help to anyone preparing for the CSE Prelims exam. Any candidate must mandatorily go through the previous year’s papers for thorough preparation. But it is equally important to have access to a legitimate answer key to those questions, so you can go back and check. Figuring out where you went wrong is fundamental to improving yourself and your preparation. A legitimate answer key is preferable to avoid any confusion or doubt arising in your mind that can be detrimental to your confidence and mental state before the examination.

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