Are you a fan of Stephen King? Have you read his books or watched movies based off his writing? Here are some life lessons to glean from his novels.

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Stephen King has definitely set himself apart in the ranks of great fiction writers, and that has led to his books and movies based off his work giving us many nuggets of wisdom. Being a writer for more than twenty years, his books are filled with wisdom, even in their characters and story structures.

His books not only contain the geography of the settings (most of his stories are set in Maine and New England), but also contain fearsome events and stories (giving birth to some iconic thrillers and horror movies). His books have let you explore the realms of different worlds, showed you different beasts, and reminded you that people are sometimes the worst enemies of each other. Here are some lessons we can get from his work and that are practical enough to apply in our lives.

Valuing your long term friendships

The book and movie IT has taught many of us the value of keeping your long-term friendships well. This is shown in the story of Richie and his friends, who defeat Pennywise when they are young – and this act of sticking together unites, even years later when they are all adults.

When you have friends from a similar background, you can relate to them very easily – you share your joyful moments, struggles and sadness, and this creates a strong bond that does not break easily. In the case of the five children, the horror Pennywise gave their small town was enough to unite them then, and even enough to unite them later.

The importance of learning a wide variety of life skills


It may seem strange to tell a child to go watch their father fix the car, or do some mundane skill that does not look that important. However, the characters from Stephen King novels somehow always know the best and most practical solutions to problems they face, even on an impromptu basis.

Life teaches you that having awide variety of skills is very essential for surviving, just in case anything can happen – even if it does not happen exactly like in the movies. Knowing subjects such as mechanics (The Stand comes to mind) is useful when you are trying to re-establish power or improve access to fuel for the community you live in.

One interesting pattern with the stories in question was that the people with the most practical skills were thrust into the limelight after a major event, and they were the people that could get their towns running again, regardless of the qualifications or major job experience they had.

Dealing with bullying


Many characters in Stephen King stories are children, and the ones who undergo the most character development tend to suffer bullying incidents – the quiet kids.

These are the same children that see asking for help as a bother, so they will not ask for it. They tend to think that they are not worth the effort because of the intimidation they suffer, as shown by the character Carrie in the movie Carrie.

The lessons here are multiple – always ask for help when you are going through something, especially when you are being victimized or bullied. The second thing is that you need thehelp of the community like Oregon recovery villageto take care of children, especially those that suffer abuse – you cannot do it alone as a parent, no matter how good your intentions may be.

Facing your fears


The Shining is a classic movie and a classic book, and has ingrained itself into the memories of pop culture. All the characters in the story are running away from different things – Jack is running from society because he fears losing his job, Wendy is running from Jack, Dick and Danny are running from the hotel. Jack eventually figures out that the only way he can save his family is leaving the hotel, and that happens to be the time he is at his most vulnerable.

In life, so many people are trying to run away from the problems and fears they face, but the only way to deal with them is facing them head-on. Otherwise, when you run away from it, you are only giving it the power to rule over you, and it will always maintain its hold.

There are moments when you need a friend


The Talisman happens to be a highly entertaining book, and one of the best among Stephen King novels. It seems to remind you that when you are making a major step or going for a major trip, do not do it alone – go with someone you love.

The main character finds out that he has the ability to switch between worlds, and he uses it to save his mother. On this journey, he goes with some friends. These characters not only teach him about various boundaries and overcoming them, but they also manage to teach him lessons about his childhood.

Many people feel as though they lack roots, similar to this character – they have travelled many times in their childhood and feel as though they do not belong anywhere. However, all the experiences they have accumulated are nothing when they have no one to share it with.

When a major event occurs in your life, you do not want to go through it alone. Human instinct will make you want to share the experience, and you will turn to the people you care about – you r family and friends. These people are instrumental in shaping your life experiences and views, as well as setting the priorities you have – and everything you achieve is due to them.

Final thoughts

Stephen King is a student of the human nature. In his books, you can find characters you relate to – characters that show human emotions such as sadness, fear, jealousy, anger and happiness. It is also a fact of life that some of his characters mirror people you know. He therefore has the ability to put it into writing, making you question what you would do in that situation. Those are lessons worth learning.

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