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Advantages and Disadvantages of RFID Technology

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RFID is an acronym for Radio Frequency Identification. This technology uses radio frequencies for the purpose of identifying and monitoring of property, animals, and site visitors. The following is a short examine the primary architecture of this technology.

 RFID Technology


Similar to any conversation device, RFID generation consists of transmitters and receivers inside the shape of RFID tags. These are microchips that shop all the vital information in them. The records are comprehended with the help of a RFID card reader. An antenna present on the tags is used in the transmission in addition to the reception of signals.

There are essentially 3 forms of RFID tags which can be commonly used: energetic, passive, and semi-passive. An active tag contains a transmitter and a power source (usually a battery) which is used to electricity the microchip’s circuitry as well as for broadcasting the sign to a reader. Passive tags, then again, do no longer consist of a battery, and rather are capable of draw power from the reader itself. On receiving an electromagnetic wave, a cutting-edge receives brought about within the tag’s antenna, that is used for the running of the passive tag’s circuitry. In the third kind, which is the semi-passive, a battery is used to power the chip’s circuitry, whilst the verbal exchange takes vicinity through the power drawn from the reader.

Most generally, lively and semi-passive RFID tags, being comparatively greater expensive, are used for monitoring excessive-cost goods over long stages; as an instance, railway cars on a music. The passive tags, being less expensive than the opposite two alternatives, locate use in tracking low-cost gadgets, consisting of the ones to be had on the market in a mall.

Advantages and Disadvantages of RFID



RFID tags are very clean to install/inject in the frame of animals, therefore supporting to hold a track on them. This is useful in animal husbandry and the chicken enterprise, in which the hooked up tags give data approximately the age, vaccinations, and fitness of the animal.
It is better than barcodes, as it can not be without difficulty replicated, and therefore, increases the security on a product.
Supply chain management forms the major a part of a retail enterprise, and RFID structures play a key function by means of assisting in dealing with the updates of stocks, and all through the transportation and logistics of the product.
RFID tags are placed interior rings objects in stores, and an alarm is installed on the go outdoors. If an unauthorized strive is made to transport the jewelry objects away from the premises, the alarm gets activated. This mechanism gives a much more strong sort of safety in comparison to barcode scanners, as the barcode sample is liable to be replicated.
These tags can store records up to two KB, while, a barcode has the capacity to read simply 10 – 12 digits. This allows one to keep a more potent encoded identity series within it.


RFID proves to be too costly for plenty applications in comparison to different tracking and identification strategies, inclusive of the simple barcode.
It is tough for a RFID reader to read the data in case the tags are mounted in liquid or metal merchandise. The problem right here is that liquid and metallic surfaces generally tend to reflect radio waves, which makes the tags unreadable. In such programs, they must be located in diverse alignments and angles for taking right readings, which can be too cumbersome and time-eating.


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