5 Things to Consider When Building a Glass Façade

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The exterior part of your residential and commercial building is a subtle yet very influential aspect. It not only decides how your estate looks but also decides how it performs and lasts in extreme weather conditions. And while there are plenty of traditional materials being used for facades for a long time, glass is one material that has taken a prominent position in today’s urban settings.

That is because glass windows and doors connect you outdoors without exposing you to pollutants, dust, smoke, and traffic noise. You get to enjoy a great amount of natural lighting and build a comfortable indoors, both in summers and winters. You also get a way to add unique aesthetics and stand out from the other properties in the street.

However, to avail the most benefit, a lot of things have to be kept in mind. Some of the crucial ones are enlisted below –

Glass facade reveals timber structure of Portland office building

1. Use High-Quality Architectural Glass

All the glasses may look the same but may not be fit for commercial use. Building a safe and sturdy house façade is only state-of-the-art architectural glass that can withstand the heaviest of winds and rains. You can unhesitantly use it for your building’s exteriors irrespective of where you live. In fact, they only make the primary choice when constructing tall skyscrapers.

2. Pay Attention to Your Creativity Level

Glass is plain and monotonous. You can make it look attractive only by widening your creativity skills. You can research glass façade designs online or take advice from a reputable architect in the city. The more creative you get, the better will be the outcome. But don’t end up denting the functionality aspect.

3. Understand the Pattern of Light

It is true that by installing glass facades, your interiors benefit immensely from sunlight and your usage and dependence on artificial lighting cuts down significantly. However, to achieve success in this, you first have to understand the lighting effect in the interior part of your home. You don’t want the light to turn into an element of discomfort during the summer months. So, do proper research to receive only optimum lighting and not the heat.

4. Do Not Rush

You have to do your homework to develop a façade design that uplifts the outdoor and indoor of your building or institution. And, that takes time. You cannot replace the façade every year and have to live with it for at least ten years to come. Hence, you better work out a design that is an inspiration for you and the passerby and serves every bit of your purpose.

5. Think of the Environment

Considering the damage that is happening to the environment nowadays, many glass manufacturers are coming up with technologies and products that are not just spectacular but eco-friendly at the same time. That allows the consumers like you and me to be on top in terms of design without compromising Mother Nature’s status.

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