How to earn profits from trading bitcoins

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For almost every bitcoin enthusiast, profit is the number one goal when it comes to trading. People buy bitcoin in hopes that it will soon increase in value, thus earning them a little extra for their smart investment. For around ten years now, that has been the goal.


Recently, peer-to-peer marketplaces have seen growth in popularity. This could be for many reasons. It could be because most people are starting to get the appeal of the more personalized experience. It could be because of bitcoin’s new and creative real-life uses, such as making payments, remittances, and wealth preservation. Did you stop and think for a minute that it might be because people have the chance to earn more on a peer-to-peer marketplace?

It could be true, but how? How is it possible that people can earn more on a peer-to-peer marketplace rather than on a traditional bitcoin exchange? First of all, peer-to-peer marketplaces are easy to use. Although some may say that it has a bit of a learning curve, it’ll be smooth sailing once you get the hang of it. The best peer-to-peer platforms are easy to learn and easy to use, especially when it comes to accounting creation and verification. Second of all, peer-to-peer marketplaces are much more affordable as well as secure. Fees are usually much higher on traditional bitcoin exchanges than on peer-to-peer marketplaces. Most of them are free to use and sometimes give you a free wallet upon registration. Most peer-to-peer platforms also offer security measures, such as escrow services, to ensure users that they are in a safe environment. Last but not least, people can earn more on peer-to-peer marketplaces because there is simply an abundance of platforms. One of the leading peer-to-peer marketplaces is Paxful, which allows people to buy, sell, and trade bitcoins instantly.

How to earn a profit

Now that you know why peer-to-peer marketplaces can earn you more, you probably want to know how to do so. There are a bunch of ways to make a profit from peer-to-peer trading, but these, by far, are the best three ways to do so:

Take advantage of arbitrage.

Arbitrage, in a sense, is buying cryptocurrency from one place for a lower price and then selling it at a higher price elsewhere. These opportunities occur when price varies per exchange due to liquidity, volatility, or even regional price difference. Bitcoin is sometimes more expensive in some parts of the world, which can be due to several different reasons, such as laws, regulations, and public perception. Peer-to-peer tradings greatly take advantage of this method to make money in the bitcoin market. It’s easy to learn but requires a lot of time and attention. You have to observe all needs at once and quickly find opportunities wherein you can make even the smallest of profits.

Profiting from popular payment methods

As said earlier, peer-to-peer marketplaces add a personalized touch to the trading experience. Because it’s more personal compared to a traditional bitcoin exchange, people have the opportunity to form long-lasting business relationships. This means that new forms of payment are sprouting up, adding to the hundreds already available on good peer-to-peer marketplaces. Paxful, the peer-to-peer market mentioned earlier, has over 300 payment methods, which continues to grow.

Making money is by providing people with less popular payment methods. Popular payment methods usually have their prices closer to the market price. For example, using a popular payment method, you can buy bitcoin on a peer-to-peer platform. After purchase, you can sell the same bitcoins using another less popular payment method. People would usually pay extra for convenience.

Affiliate programs

You can learn a lot of passive income by taking full advantage of the great affiliate programs out there. Let’s take Paxful’s affiliate program as an example. Once you sign up for the affiliate program, you will be given a unique link that only applies to you. By sharing this link with your friends and family, you can earn a lot of money if they sign up and trade. On Paxful’s system, for every trade made by people that used your affiliate link directly, you’ll be able to earn 50% from Paxful’s escrow free of each transaction. That’s the first tier. The second-tier affiliates sign up using your tier 1’s affiliate link. From all works completed by your tier 2 affiliate, you will get 10% off each trade’s escrow fee.

The peer-to-peer revolution

Those are just a few ways people can make money by bitcoin trading. There are other options like e-commerce and creating your own local business.

Peer-to-peer finance is starting to make a name for itself, and people are seeing the real benefits. Not only does it allow us to circumvent capital control, but it also gives us more control over our finances.

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