Campark ACT74 Review: Modest Budget Action Cam

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The $fifty five Campark Xtreme 1+ ACT47 is a lower priced GoPro-opportunity movement camera that could record 4K video and shoot time-lapse and burst snap shots. It additionally comes with a big collection of reachable accessories. But like others of its type, this simple motion camera suffers from underwhelming performance whilst recording video whilst on the circulate. But typical, footage shot during the day is good sufficient to make this a passable first movement camera for children.Image result for Campark ACT74 Review: Modest Budget Action Cam


Similar to different off-the-shelf action cameras available on Amazon, the Xtreme 1+ is an cheaper knockoff of older GoPro models. Compared with the price range Akaso EK7000 and Drograce WP350 cameras, the Campark Xtreme’s buttons are in exclusive locations: The energy/menu button is at the front at the bottom right, whilst the other fashions have it at the front toward the pinnacle of the camera. Additionally, immediately beneath the lens, there is a mild sensor to assist the digicam get the exceptional automobile-exposure in addition to an LED mild that may be became on inside the menu for night time shooting.

Other buttons include a shutter that starts offevolved and stops recording, takes photos and acts as the select button at the same time as inside the settings menu. A mode button on the the front helps you to cycle via video, photo, burst and time-lapse modes in addition to settings. Holding this button down for a 2nd or two powers the camera on and stale. On the proper side are a couple of buttons that cycle thru alternatives inside the settings and activate the Wi-Fi. They also act as a digital zoom in the picture and video modes.

Colors are pretty correct, even though they certainly do not pop as an awful lot as a GoPro.
The left side has a micro USB and a mini HDMI port for charging/report switch and video output, respectively, as well as a slot for a microSD card (now not blanketed).

The battery is available on the bottom the use of a fingernail to open the battery door. The entire door pops off rather than remaining attached.

Unlike the models from Akaso and Drograce, there’s no wireless remote protected. However, this camera (and others love it) comes with a massive wide variety of accessories. These include a motorcycle mount, miscellaneous helmet and tripod mounts, cord cables and Velcro strips to secure it to a snowboard, surfboard (or anything else) for brought protection. There are two instances: the standard fully enclosed underwater case — which also comes with a secondary door to allow extra sound in — and a non-water-resistant frame that absolutely exposes the microphone. You need to use this type of instances in case you need to connect the digicam to any form of mount.

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A 2d battery is likewise protected. By comparison, the $80 Yi Lite comes with slightly any accessories out of doors of a unmarried battery and a micro USB charging cable.

Ease of Use
Like the Drograce WP350 and the Akaso EK7000, Campark’s menu is arranged in a surprisingly intuitive style, though some of the gadgets aren’t categorized as accurately as they might be. For instance, rather than noting that the feature is “off,” on severa events, it’s miles categorized as “close.” Instead of calling the function “self-timer,” it is referred to as “timed.”

Both the shutter button and menu buttons had been responsive. Once I got used to the menu shape, it wasn’t tough to trade settings, though not as smooth as the Yi Lite or GoPro Hero, which each have touch monitors.

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Unfortunately, whilst the digicam has integrated Wi-Fi that can be used with the Ez iCam app, I became unable to get it to work with my Pixel 2; this also befell with the Akaso and Drograce models. I did control to connect with the digicam and the app confirmed that my cellphone become connected, but I changed into in no way given an option to exchange settings or view what become on-display screen or trigger a recording.

Video Quality
Although a ways in nice from the GoPro Hero or Yi Lite, pictures captured with the Campark was on a par with the Akaso and the Drograce. Colors had been pretty correct, though they really failed to pop as an awful lot as on a camera with a higher picture processor and greater overall processing energy.

Campark – 4k 30FPS
Like other less expensive movement cameras, the Campark is particularly situation to movement blur whilst shifting. If you are using a solid platform (and, no, your hands are probably not that strong), you have to be fine. However, once I attached the digital camera to my motorbike’s handlebars the usage of the covered motorbike mount, the video have become extraordinarily shaky every time I hit a bump or turned into on unsmooth pavement, a lot in order that photos become nearly unwatchable for long periods. Holding the digital camera in my fingers had the identical effect.Image result for Campark ACT74 Review: Modest Budget Action Cam

Campark – 1080p at 60fps
Since 4K is recorded at best 30 frames in line with second (fps), I might propose sticking with the 1080p at 60fps for a bit smoother video. The Campark gives a higher body price than the Yi Lite, which records handiest in 4K/20fps.

Campark – 1080p at 60fps in Open Back Case
Still, frame rates aren’t the whole thing. While the photos captured the usage of the Campark become right, the Yi Lite’s video changed into a ways advanced. The YiCam also features Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS), making bumpy pictures a component of the past.

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The Campark additionally provides some of image features, which work quite properly, including burst and time-lapse images. I installation the camera to take a photo each 2d over the route of a few hours and fast ran out of space on a 32GB micro-SD card.

Audio Quality
Unlike state-of-the-art GoPro Hero and next models (Hero five, Hero 6) which can be water-resistant by means of design and not require a case housing, the Campark — which calls for a case to shield it from water — suffers in audio satisfactory with muffled vocals and outside sounds.

Campark – Audio Test
I tested this digital camera with all three housings – the completely water-proof housing, the water resistant housing with the slit in the again panel and the open-face frame housing. The body housing supplied the nice pickup of vocals while speaking into the digicam; but, while shifting, it additionally alternatives up the maximum wind noise. If there will be a minimum spray of water or rain, use the exchange backing with the slits cut in it.

Bottom Line
At $fifty five, the Campark Xtreme 1+ is one of the lowest-priced motion cameras we have examined. As the expression says, you get what you pay for, and in this example, it is a fundamental action camera with average-to-less-than- common performance. For a considerably better enjoy, test out the $eighty Yi Lite. The video excellent, shade accuracy and touch-display user enjoy were a ways advanced to the Campark’s, and the addition of Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) turned into a plus. However, you will also have to spend a further $40 for its water resistant housing. So lengthy as you preserve your expectancies modest, the Campark need to provide a fairly pleasing action digicam.

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